Road runners update 28 June 2013 – Caroline Sets new Club Record

 Lincoln Wellington 5k Series – 26 June 2013

Caroline is currently ranked 2nd on Power of 10 and Jayne is currently ranked 16th in their age groups.  Caroline smashed the club record which previously was 23:21.

photo by Dave Tune
Position Time Name Cat
1 15:54 Iain Bailey – East Antrim/Royal Air Force/Sleaford SM
18 17:45 Natalie Farrow – Linc & D SL
36 19:08 Jayne Baldwin V45
37 19:09 Jon Buxton V45
46 19:58 Caroline Wheelhouse V55

Dam Flask Relays – 25 June 2013

We fielded 4 teams at this local favorite, 43 ladies teams competed and 45 mens teams competed.  Great running from everyone on the hilly 3.5 mile legs.

Mens A (Finished 7th in 80:17)

Andy Siddle (7) 19:49
Dave Sedgwick (6) 19:56
Wayne Martison (6) 20:34
Dave Tune (7) 19:58

Mens C V50 (Finished 5th V50 in 98:01)

Stuart Bartley (26) 22:01
Tony O’Connor (40) 27:50
Peter Wade (38) 24:22
Malc Leggett (34) 23:48

Mens B (Incomplete Team)

John Micklewaite (21) 21:44
Mark Hudson (41) 28:45
Martin James (36) 22:12

Ladies Team (Finished 25th)

Rose James (24) 27:23
Dominika Michalo (27) 29:47
Janet Hampson (25) 27:45

Races to Enter

Sherwood Pines Races – 10k, 5k and fun run on 21 July

The Leeds Abbey Dash 10k is now open for entries, last year almost 9000 runners competed.  Its on the 17th November, click here to enter.

Gruesome Twosome entry forms now available at – 12 October.

Thornes Park Challenge – a series of three 5k races at Wakefield, chip timing (Minimum age is 11 years on day of race). 7th, 14th and 21st August.  Click here for details.

Scunthorpe 10k is on Friday 12 July – click here to enter.

Andy & Pete complete Trans-Pennine Challenge

DAC athletes Andy Lilley and Pete Andrews took on, and completed  the 100km / 63 mile ”Trans-Pennine Challenge” last weekend, with neither of them having ever done even a half marathon previously. The “Challenge” entailed running from Stockport to Sheffield, via Penistone and Barnsley across some of the steepest terrain in England, which rose some 1300 metres from the start to its highest point in the run.

Both athletes were motivated by running for their nominated charities:-

Andy Lilley              Alzheimer’s Society            (

Alzheimer’s Society is the leading UK care and research charity for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, their families and carers.

Pete Andrews             Asthma UK.       (

Asthma UK is the charity dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the 5.4 million people in the UK whose lives are affected by asthma.

The run started at 6.45am Continue reading

Doncaster Park Run

You might be aware that planning is underway to launch a “parkrun” in Doncaster.  This will be held at Sandall Park on Saturday Mornings.

Park runs are free to enter and entirely run by volunteers.  All the neighbouring towns and cities have parkrun events and it will be a great asset to have one in Doncaster.

The Doncaster Parkrun orginisers need some volunteers to come forward to get the event started and ideally the volunteers will have a trip over to visit another local Parkrun (Locke Park, Barnsley) to get some practical experience of how things work.  Don’t be worried, its easy.  Mark Husdon and Martin James  visited Barnsley this morning and we acted as backup timer and barcode scanner, it was really easy and enjoyable.  We are planning to go over for the next few Saturdays to try other tasks.

The basics of how they work (for competitors) are:

  • Print out your unique barcode
  • Turn up at the race (no need to do anything when you arrive) – just make sure you have your barcode with you (you can turn up at any park run event)
  • Run the race
  • When you finish you get a token
  • Walk over to the scanning person who will scan your barcode and take your token off you
  • Go to the café

If you want to help the Doncaster Parkrun organisers get it up and “running” please come forward and volunteer, the more the better so it can be rotated and we can all run some of them.  I cannot emphasise enough how easy the tasks are (tried and tested over many years).  Drop me an email to and I will forward it to Dom Patterson who is organising it.  Me or Mark can give you a lift to Barnsley.

Thanks, Martin

YDL UAG Fixture 3

Sunday 30th June 2013

At Herringthorpe (Rotherham)

Below is the list of athletes that have been chosen to represent the club at the forthcoming fixture. If for any reason you are unable to attend please inform the team managers/reception immediately in order that a substitute can be found.

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YDL LAG Fixture 3

Saturday 22nd June 2013

At Preston

 Below is the list of athletes that have been chosen to represent the club at the forthcoming fixture. If for any reason you are unable to attend please inform the team managers/reception immediately in order that a substitute can be found.

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Minutes from Directors meeting – 5th June 2013

Doncaster Athletic Club

Directors meeting

5th June 2013


Dan Winmill, Barry Barnes, Kev Lincoln, Mark Hudson, Martin James, Les Grant

Andrea Page, Steve Harrison, Dave Lilley, Alice Howe

Matters Arising
England Athletics meeting. Review of the meeting given. The consensus from the meeting was that a £10 registration fee be implemented
Picnic tables have been placed around the site
Cost Centres reviewed
Development fund. Payment made to one athlete
Disability event, to be held on the 28th July, has been cancelled
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Notts 10 Mile, Sandall Beat and Owston Ferry 10k Results

 Notts 10 Mile – 7 June 2013

Place Name Cat Time
1 Gareth Lowe / Clowne M40 53:03
41 Jon Buxton M45 67:01 PB

Sandall Beat approx 10k Trail Race – 12 June 2013

Sandall Beat 10k – Photos by Ian Micklethwaite
Place Name Cat Time
1 Owen James / Kimberworth M 35:00
14 Lindsy James / Kimberworth F35 39:40
5 Chris Moran M 37:32
13 Martin James M 39:29
22 Stuart Bartley MV50 41:15
31 Malc Leggett MV55 42:17
38 Pete Wade MV55 43:14
41 Sean Poulter MV45 43:49
70 Dave Evans MV60 46:40
84 Glynn Jones MV40 48:16
95 Georgina Weston L 49:02
97 Tony O’Connor MV65+ 49:12
100 Rose James L 49:39
155 Jo Howe FV35 53:41
186 Bridget Boutell FV45 58:42
193 Fred Dunn MV65+ 1:01:04
208 Sharon Fieldhouse FV55 1:03:19
220 Vicky Lindley L 1:05:31

Owston Ferry 10k – 16 June 2013

Place Name Cat Time
1 Daniel Grant / UA M 32:27
2 Carl Ryde M 33:32
14 Tom Morris M 36:22
24 Martin James M 38:14
33 Justin Twomey M 39:18 PB
114 Dave Evans M60+ 46:44
118 Glynn Jones M40 47:07
144 Antony O’Connor M60+ 49:01

Races added to website:

Withernsea 5 Mile – 7 July (Jay Buxton, Carl Ryde, Justin Twomey, Rose James and Martin James are competing).

Hamsterley Forest 10k – 7 July

“Just a reminder that our Hamsterley Forest 10k trail race takes place on Sunday, 7th July 2013 and has a maximum participant limit of 500 runners. Half of the places are already taken, so with only 250 spaces left, it’s first come first served, and there may not be entries on the day.”

Teams for the Dam Flask Relays on Tuesday 25 June.