Virgin Money London Marathon Ballot Entry open soon

To go into our club ballot for our club places you must enter the public ballot which is open from, 2 May until 6 May 17:00, 2016.

  • The member needs a rejection slip from the ballot entry.
  • If you got a London place last year from DAC’s allocated places you should not be eligible to get one of the clubs allocated places for the next year.
  • You must be a first claim member at the time of entering the ballot and be fully paid up with a UKA license, and if you are successful at the draw you must have renewed your membership with Doncaster AC and your UKA license for the year of the marathon.
  • The member has to arrange payment for the place

Track Repairs / Closure

UPDATE posted 13 May 2016:

Due to the wind speed the red surface paint cannot be sprayed onto the surface until Sunday morning, it then needs a full 24 hours to dry before the line paint can be applied, which, weather permitting will be Tuesday. If all goes to plan the site can re-open on Wednesday evening but there will be no training on Tuesday night.

This means training can take place tomorrow at anytime.

The throws night can take place Monday night but keep off the finishing straight altogether and do not use the sand pits for obvious reasons. The javelin, discus, shot and high jump areas are ok to use, use the back straight for track work, if you are using hurdles wheel them out near the main entrance only.

Heringthorpe is also booked again for Tuesday night.

There will be a further update on Monday.

I appreciate this is an inconvenience but the finishing straight will not last another season with holes appearing in a few months time doubling the cost of repair.



Repair work will commence on our site on Monday 9th May 2016 as follows:

  • All 8 lanes of the finishing straight power washed, re-sprayed and re-lined.
  • 400m track boundary line re-painted.
  • Surface repair near high jump
  • Surface repair in front of steeple chase water jump
  • Repair to small area near 200m start.

The work should only take 3/4 days but a period of dry weather is needed, if the weather is poor work may extend to a second week.

Kev Lincoln has booked Herringthorpe track for exclusive use by our members on Tuesday 10th and Thursday 12th May, between 6pm and 8pm. If the work extends to the second week further bookings will be made.

Our site will remain closed during this period with no access by anyone. A further update will be circulated around the 11th May.

Results update 27 April 2016 – London Marathon and Parkruns

London Marathon – 24 April 2016

Thank you to our support crew, some of whom stopped over and some of whom came down on the day of the race, your shouting and general noise making was much appreciated.

Doncaster AC was very well represented at the London Marathon this year.  Race reports to follow in a few days but in brief, Carl Ryde finished in 12th place, he smashed our club record (his previous PB) which previously stood at 2:27:34, this now stands at 2:23:04!.  Martin James ran a PB of about 2 and a half minutes finishing with a time of 2:51:24.  Joanne Goodier ran a PB of about 13 minutes (despite illness) moving up the all time top 10 to 4th place.  Rose James entered the all time top 10 in 9th place on her debut marathon. Janet Hampson ran with an injured calf just missing out on her PB.  The clubs first partially sighted marathon runner, Sharon Maughan completed her first marathon guided by club mate Sharon Fieldhouse.  Excellent debut marathons for Martin Wilkinson, Jane Kilkenny, Katey Bickerstaff and Angela Stanley.  Brilliant V70 veteran marathon runner Rosemary Armstrong smashed another marathon.  Glynn Jones had a fantastic time at his debut London Marathon.


Photo by Lindsay O’Connor

Carl Ryde race report –  Stood about for 10mins on the start. Focused on training I had done, long runs, tempo runs and was very relaxed. Knew I was in shape to run well and had never felt so calm before a race. On TV I can only be seen at the start, but I am smiling having watched it. Lot of runners in my area were talking up going at 2:18 pace and knew they would start quicker than that, due to adrenaline and ‘macho bravado’.

Decided to hold back first mile and must have been outside top 100 at mile 1 marker, hit in 5:50ish – then switched on – time to race from then. From that first mile no-one went by me. I had suffered some pretty bad experiences in the past at London and some had been pretty horrific – toilet stops, calf tears, broken ribs (basically 5 very bad runs out of 7). Knowing I was in Continue reading

Message about Road League on Wednesday – Brodsworth

Just a note for all your members who are coming to the next road league at Brodsworth.

1. Parking is at the Markham Grange garden centre, not on the roads which is the course.

2. Toilets are in the garden centre and also in potable toilets in the pub car park.

3. Don’t park in pub car park unless you are staying for a drink or to eat.

4. The Garden centre car park closes at 9pm so if you are going down to the pub afterwards move your car there.

5. Keep off the roads before the start of the race when warming up.

6. The start is in the village.

7. Keep to the left unless marshal’s tell you different. You may be on the right hand side for a short distance after the cross roads so listen to instructions…take off your earphones !!

8. When you finish, keep away from the officials/ timekeepers and don’t clog the area as runners did at Worsboro’. 

9. Go across the footbridge back to the car park (200m).

10. No more name changes will be done, spelling etc.

The course is on the road apart from a short distance on a gravel path. It is quite flat !! apart from the flat hills !!

Have a good race and I hope it keeps fine.


YDL Lower Provisional Team Results

Team Points
1 Hallamshire 431
2 Middlesborough 420.5
3 Doncaster 352.5
4 Scarborough 313
5 Bingley 286

Individual results will be put on the Power of 10 this evening or tomorrow morning. Any errors or amendments please let Terry Winmill know as soon as possible.