Results update 25 September 2017 – Marathons, Half Marathons, 10k’s and Parkruns

Its the Cusworth 10k Road Race on Sunday, if your not running it please come and help us make the event a success.  We are meeting outside the hall at 9:30, anyone can help out, thanks.

78 Runners competing last weekend, well done all.  To many great performances to mention but got to congratulate Jody and Paul for running their first marathons, brilliant achievement and I know they are grateful for all the support the got on Social Media and family and friends that travelled with them.  I think John, Sharon and Christopher all ran their first half marathons.  Congratulations to Lee who once again got in the prizes finishing 2nd overall at the Rossington Trail race.

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Indoor Winter Training Schedule

Indoor Winter Training Schedule


Coach Training venue Relevant dates
Mike Cooke Elizabeth Academy Retford From 2nd October Monday and Thursday 7-8pm
Les Grant and Jude Allam XP School Tuesday 6.30pm to 7.30pm from 31st October
John Blackshaw Hungerhill School Tuesdays and Thursdays starting Thursday 2nd November
Martin Godfrey and Martin Boyd Hallcross upper school gym

Thursday 6pm to 8pm starting Thursday 5th October.

No Trg Thursday 7th December due to school event.

Eric Whithead and Bill Hallcross upper school gym Tuesday 5.30pm to 7pm starting 3rd October

 Barry Barnes and Dave Blackburn remaining outdoors all winter.

Rovers fixtures 2017 / 2018

Please find below dates of Rovers Tuesday Home Games, which impact upon our training nights. Parking is restricted on these dates we have been allocated 60 parking places in car park 3.  Club reception and tuck shop will still be open on these nights, although occasionally a full closure of our site will be in action depending on the fixture.

Check with your coach to see if your training session is on.

Dates to be amended / added to / removed as we find out.



Tuesday 31 October

Tuesday 21 November



Thursday 16 November

Wednesday 6 December

Results update 17 Septepber 2017 – Parkrun and Epworth Tri

Its Doncaster Parkruns 4th birthday on 23 September so please support at Sandal Park, club vests optional and please fetch cake!  This is also the 1 year anniversary of the loss of DAC member Michael Wakefield at Doncaster Parkrun.  Michael loved running, he loved the club and the Pacer Group helped Michael find his love of running again, as such it is fitting we can celebrate the parkrun birthday and remember Michael.  Club vests optional.

Entries are now open for our 2017 races – The Cusworth 10k – click here.

The Road Rankings are being updated by Darren Wood and Sharon Maughan (thanks to both of them).

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Minutes from Coaches and Run Leaders Meeting 12/09/2017

12th September 2017

Barry Barnes, Emma Hurst (England Athletics (EA) Club Support Officer), Dave Blackburn, Bill Davies, Eric Whitehead, Martin Godfrey, Martin James, Mike Cooke, Kaydon Rowe, Janet Kerry, Sarah Smith, Jody Breeze

Dan Winmill, Les Grant, Jude Allam, John Blackshaw, Judy Revitt, Wayne Dorey

BB thanked everyone for their attendance and gave a brief outline of the evenings agenda. He introduced EH and she informed the group of the discussions and meeting that she has had with BB to ensure the group was moving in the right direction. She confirmed that the model that the group were being advised to adopt is one that EA endorses and that she is using this with other clubs she supports. EH was complimentary of the efforts the club was making with regards to coach development and asked that the efforts being made are fully supported

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Results update 11 September 2017 – GNR, Bawtry, York, Mablethorpe, Saxilby 5k and Parkruns

Entries are now open for our 2017 races – The Cusworth 10k – click here.

The Road Rankings are being updated by Darren Wood and Sharon Maughan (thanks to both of them).

Great North Run – 10 September 2017

Another great set of results for our athletes.  Not sure what our DAC ladies said to Mo over breakfast but their tips seam to have paid off for him.

Claire said “Quote of the Day today by Sarah Smith after we nattered all the way round Great North Run ..when’s the big hill coming? Only to realise we’d run up it and we’re on the down stretch to the finish #DACthesegirlscan!😂”

Glynn wrote “Didn’t even think I was even going to run GNR at beginning of the week. Been fighting off a cold, so haven’t run either. Then to finish it off had the worst nights sleep in a premier Inn ever in Durham last night, so to get under 2 hours well pleased. Good to see me old club mate, Trevor Lambert pass me at mile 6. Good to see you back at it buddy you were looking strong, well done mate”

Photo from this link, well done Trevor and all

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