Report from Susan Forbes on her 3rd Cape Wrath Challenge holiday week

Monday. Loch Eriboll Half, a really challenging road route. Everyone met at Durness village hall for the briefing before filling mini busses to be taken to the start. No wind, light cloud cover and sunshine made this a very warm run. The heat seemed to radiate back off the road even though it was only 11am. A small field of runners saw me at the back on the first downhill, where I stayed. Between admiring the scenery, dodging camper vans, cars, and motor bikes who seemed to think the NC500 is a racetrack, I soon lost sight of the runners in front of me. The rises get bigger from about 9 miles, when it also seemed to be the hottest. Coming up one rise to a beautiful view over Ceanabeane beach, and seeing people on a zip wire, the last downhill, a few more houses dotted along the road and only a mile or so to go. A difficult run due to the unexpected heat. The last mile seemed the longest but I did it! Came in last in a time of 2.50 minutes. A massive thankyou to the race director and his amazing team of helpers for waiting for me.

Tuesday. Two Lochs Trail. 4.8 miles, mostly trail apart from the bit at the start from the community centre to the trail and the last bit back on the road to the finish. The day was Continue reading

Results update 23 May 2018 – Askern 10k, Liverpool Events, Windermere Marathon and Parkruns

Thanks to Chris Lawson for updating the club championships after the Askern 10k, click here for the current standings.

Start planning for Scunthorpe Parkrun which is next on the list, on the 2 June 2018.

Askern 10k – 16 May 2018

Great conditions and lots of great performances including PB’s for Phil Whitehead, Michael Richardson and others.  Prizes to Peter Badger, Shaz Wood and Marie-Louise Taylor.  Also special well done to those who raced a 10k for the first time.

Pos Name Cat Cat Pos Chip Gun
12 Peter Badger M40 (003/044) 00:35:34 00:35:36
31 Christopher Moran M40 (007/044) 00:36:48 00:36:50
38 Martin James M40 (011/044) 00:37:28 00:37:30
45 Phil Whitehead M S (026/106) 00:37:55 00:37:58
68 Michael Richardson M S (043/106) 00:39:26 00:39:35
109 Roy Turton M50 (011/053) 00:41:40 00:41:52
124 Stuart Bartley M55 (006/041) 00:42:34 00:43:02
142 Shaz Wood F35 (003/034) 00:43:53 00:44:06
162 George Laing M55 (009/041) 00:44:02 00:44:30
180 Marie-Louise Taylor F40 (002/030) 00:45:14 00:45:28
211 Pete Wade M60 (009/021) 00:46:35 00:46:39
223 Robert Peach M45 (035/055) 00:47:04 00:47:24
240 Rose James F35 (006/034) 00:47:55 00:48:08
277 Sharon Maughan F45 (006/030) 00:49:30 00:49:46
283 Ainara Garcia Durham F S (017/039) 00:49:39 00:49:52
293 Trevor Lambert M55 (022/041) 00:50:17 00:50:26
322 Jim McDonagh M50 (041/053) 00:50:53 00:51:16
323 Alan Thimbleby M55 (027/041) 00:50:55 00:51:17
361 Glynn Jones M45 (049/055) 00:53:09 00:53:32
388 Bridget Bouttell F50 (012/025) 00:54:46 00:55:08
419 Barry Prowse M S (102/106) 00:56:48 00:57:13
441 Anthony O’Connor M70 (004/004) 00:58:18 00:58:42
464 Irene Fazakerley F50 (016/025) 01:00:25 01:00:52
501 Jayne Lambert F45 (025/030) 01:05:45 01:06:19
518 Hannah Whitby F S (039/039) 01:11:38 01:12:12

Windermere Marathon – 20 May 2018

Cracking run by Simon Jennings on this hilly course, finishing in 62nd place with a time of 3:27:14.

Liverpool – 20 May 2018

Support crew orginiser, Daz Lambert said “What a fantastic day supporting friends from DAC at the Liverpool half & full marathon, well done everyone, sorry I didn’t take many pics as I was t Continue reading

Yorkshire Athletics Championships – May 2018

Congratulations to All Athletes that entered – without you there would be no competition
Athletes that gained medals last weekend at Cudworth were;

Ava Jones U15G-1st 200m
Philip Clark U20M-3rd 100m
Ava Jones U15G-1st 100m
Joe Clemitshaw U15B-1st javelin
Nicole Lannie U17W-1st Shot
Adam Allam U15B-2nd Discus
Callie Coates U15G- 3rd HJ
Connie Boyd U13G- 2nd Shot
Lucy Chappell SW-1st HJ
Molly Butterworth U20W-3rd 800m
Lisa Revitt SW- 2nd 100H
Darren Askew SM- 3rd Shot
Aiden Davies SM- 3rd Discus
Ethan Wheatley U15B- 3rd LJ

Congratulations Everyone , Jude

Results update 14 May 2018 – Penistone Road League, Leeds Half, Time Trial, Roald Dahl Challenge, Stanage Stumble, Maltby Triathlon and Parkruns

Congratulations if you got an Askern 10k place, its been full for a while. Its the next race in our club championships so please run in club vests, if you don’t have one you can get one tomorrow from the cabin. We may also have a shot at team prizes and runners get disqualified from the team prize if club vests are not worn

Road League NAD – Penistone – 9 May 2018

Special well done to our prize winners, Shaz Wood, Marie-Louise Taylor, Janette Walters and Peter Badger.

Thank you to Nick Newman for guiding Sharon Maughan on all the races in the series.

Pos Time Name Cat
12  29:43 Peter Badger M40
27 30:49 Martin James M40
42 31:49 James Osborne SM
57 32:53 Simon Jennings M35
85 34:28 Tom Chisholm SM
116 36:22 Zak Goldman SM
123 36:58 Shaz Wood F35
124 37:02 Malc Leggett M55
130 37:37 Stuart Lindsay M40
180 39:59 Rose James F35
221 42:33 Nick Newman M55
222 42:33 Sharon Maughan F45
246 44:33 Diane Polwin F40
251 44:39 Claire Macleod F45
262 45:27 Trevor Blake M40
287 48:58 Jody Breeze F45
299 51:21 Anthony O’Connor M70
303 51:47 Janette Walters F60
308 52:40 Angela Clarke  F40

Leeds Half Marathon – 13 May 2018

I think both Roy and Zak run PB’s on another warm morning for racing, well done guys. Continue reading