Annual General Meeting Minutes – 23 January 2014



Thursday 23RD JANUARY 2014


Les Grant,  J A Bussey, Kev Newman, Mick Page, Dawn Fletcher, Eddie Fletcher, Rose James, Martin James, Janet Hampson, Richard Randall, Alan Biggs, Dave Grayson, Paul Ashcroft, Michael Wakefield, Terry Winmill, Dan Winmill, Gill Winmill, Peter Oliver, Malc Leggett, Chris Boutell, Barry Barnes, Kev Lincoln, Martin Godfrey.


Eric Whitehead, Steve Harrison, Tamhra Grace, Yvonne Barnes

Club mark

Presentation of certificate by Emma Brady (England Athletics)


Minutes from the last AGM were approved                                                                              DW and LG

Matters arising


Annual review

Chairperson gave a review of the last year, covering

  • Disability improvements
  • Continued internal events
  • 500 members
  • 36 coaches
  • Novice runners (Doncaster Pacers)
  • Saturday Club, 80 participants over the past year
  • More members entering competition
  • Increase in external users of the facility
  • Caretaker (EW)
  • Repairs and restoration taking place
  • Movement with lease

A question was asked about repairs to the track, use by football teams. This was discussed and members were given information on the steps being taken to reduce wear and tear of the track

The condition of the changing rooms was also discussed and this has been addressed with the Stadium Management.

Treasurers Review

Thanks to Andrea Page and Mark Hudson for their work on the road races

Lottery update was given; all members should be encouraged to support this

Road Race a/c was discussed

Other a/c’s were discussed after copies were circulated

The meeting was informed that the club is in a financially sound position at present but turnover is increasing and there needs to be a sustained effort to improve income, particularly in view of the track maintenance in future years. Profit margins were discussed and the proposal for a track levy was ‘shelved’ due to the unlikely workability.

However, a proposal for a £10 increase in membership for competing athletes as from 2015 was discussed and agreed.  Voting was as follows

For 27   Against 1   Abstention 1

Election of Directors

Agreed as stated

Club Officers

Social Secretary_____  Janet Hampson

Life Membership Awards

Kev Newman, Mick Page, Dean Watson, John Micklethwaite, Caroline Wheelhouse

No other notified business