Benidorm 1/2 Marathon & 10k Report

May 2019 I held an information evening to see if we could get any interest in travelling over to Benidorm. 9 months later I could never have predicted how

30 DAC members travelled to Benidorm arriving over 3 days all with one common goal – to have a good time! People stopped over for between 3-5 nights on average. A support crew of 3 Andy Breeze, Sarah Blake and Club Photographer Chris Cull. 4 members, Rose James, Merv Christison, Mick Riley & Mick Hair competing the Half Marathon and 23 others of a huge range of ability and expectation competing in the 10k.

The build up to the race concentrated on endurance and carb loading! Stopping out to the early hours was something all athletes took very seriously. That and Shots, at any and every opportunity in true Yorkshire fashion we all took advantage of the free shots.

The weather was truly fantastic after the wet windy weather back home. The average daily temperature was between 20-23 degrees with a warm breeze. Race day was warm and as the start got closer the DAC vest became a growing site. We were the biggest represented club of the Crazy Running Group, and during the race the Spaniards could be heard shouting ‘Go Doncaster’. The course was lined with spectators. A reasonably flat fast course with one almighty hill at 4 miles where you were met by a Devil and could hear the road to Hell blasting out. Anyone thinking the hill was prior to this had a shock!

The finish and light show as you ran through the final 400 metres was awesome and spurred you to cross the line.

The ‘After Party’ was held in the bar that had already become ‘local’ and meeting point for us, so they knew us well and had the shots constantly forth coming. Birthday celebrations for Claire B and Trevor took place with even more free shots!! The two Claires, Beegan the Karoke Queen, even if he did turn off the mike! And the Dancing Queen Claire Macleod were truly entertaining.

I was asked by Crazy Running to nominate some recipients for awards were given out at the party. Firstly Chris Cull for his dedication to his role, and producing some stunning photos of the whole weekend. Race wise this was very hard to single out as everyone had different goals and motivations for the events. Paul Johnston and Mick Riley were singled out for their shear effort and finish times. The Guy all wore ‘shit shirts’ for the Afterparty and another award that was not made at the time but should be noted was for the most garish, loud and clashing outfit on the night – Martyn Walters!! A runner from Chase was highly enthusiastic when she thought Neil, Daz S and Merv were going to do the Fully Monty and ripped open their shirts.

Now whilst there our hotel offered half board and meeting up during meal times or looking at posts on our Benidorm page meant people could join in groups, or steer clear!! Lol I believe the range of Tribute bands, Take That, The Beatles, Bruno Mars, The Greatest Showman were all entertaining and again along with the free shots made the bars the place to be. The Benidorm ‘culture’ was experienced by some, Sex on a Segway and Sticky Vicky the He or She version was memorable!!!

I think the show biz thing went to one persons head after being the subject of a blue comedians act he turned it around and gave as good as he got. Later I think he thought he was starring in Narnia as he appeared naked out of his bedroom wardrobe in the middle of the night.

The local food was good value and good quality, Tapas Alley was visited and enjoyed by many. A group of 21 also descended on a local indian restaurant.

Morning or afternoon runs to take in the good weather and clear the head were undertaken, along with many miles of walking, it wasn’t all alcohol related!

The one outstanding thing was seeing everyone looking so relaxed and smiling. I know people were nervous about room sharing but friendships solidified and made for good. I know we posted lots of photos of our weekend away and I hope we have inspired others to join us on the next one.

I will be hosting another Information Evening again in May for a European Race for next Year. Becky Henry-Brown

PosName Time
375JAMES, ROSE601:41:25
919RILEY, MICHAEL12001:58:12
1364HAIR, MICHAEL14602:20:35
621JOHNSON, PAUL F3000:56:13
741BLAKE, TREVOR8000:59:16
748POWELL, JANET500:59:19
810WALTER, MARTYN4101:00:26
854HAMBLETON, NEIL8601:01:35
1013SMITH, DARREN11001:07:21
1014HENRY-BROWN, REBECCA1601:07:20
1054CULL, JULIE1201:08:15
1068CLARKE, ANGELA6401:08:30
1086MACLEOD, CLAIRE7601:09:28
1087SMITH, SARAH6601:09:28
1101MOORES, DAVE8201:09:34
1102WHYMAN, DARREN11501:09:35
1141LEWCHENKO, KAREN10401:11:25
1142 MEAKIN, SANDRA7301:11:25
1210GREEN, ELAINE6301:15:23
1211WHYMAN, TRACIE9601:15:25
1246BALL, KATE7601:18:05
1284BEEGAN, CLAIRE10901:22:43
1285STANLEY, ANGELA9201:22:43
1305HAIR, LISA11101:26:13
1306RILEY, DONNA11201:26:13
1317SCHADE, DENISE9701:32:59