British Masters AF Horwich 5K Championship Report

Caroline Wheelhouse  Silver medal in age group (20:08)

Jayne Baldwin Bronze medal in age group (19:33)

Simon Wright Bronze medal in age group (16:28)

Kev Newman  4th in age group (17:50)

We all had decent runs on the day running against some of the top age group runners in the country, the results from this race will hopefully stand us in good shape to get considered for selection for the next International Masters x-country race in November 2013 in Wales (Cardiff).

I look forward to seeing how the above mentioned runners perform over the coming two months with a  British Masters 10K at Glasgow in August, again if we have the runners in shape we surely must take home medals again and thus put DAC on the map of top British Masters athletes.

Just to mention that Caroline was only two places behind her age group winner and was given the same time as her!!!

Again well done and remember age is just a number!

Simon Wright