Northern Athletics affiliated clubs – Cross Country Survey

I will submit any responces on 1 February. Doncaster AC Members – Please complete this survey here

Northern athletics write:


The UKA consultation survey with the sport on the equalisation of male & female distances for Cross Country has been distributed and closes on the 29th January.

Northern Athletics have made our position clear, in responding to the proposed consultation to UKA and EA as follows: –

  1. The issue of equalisation of cross-country distances should be made based upon the views of cross country athletes and their clubs as well as the hard working cross country event organisers rather than a general response from those not involved with cross country or those without any knowledge of the sport.  We have evidence that multiple submission by the same person of the UKA survey returns has been possible and that many of the athletes that we know who are active, have not received the survey link from UKA/EA.
  1. In terms of Northern Athletics we believe our affiliated clubs should have their own input on this issue so we can make our own representations to UKA/EA . We propose to do that by forwarding this survey to you.
  1. We also believe that county organisers within the North should be able to complete our survey on behalf of the 13 counties within our area.
  1. We hope that, with your support, we can convince UKA & EA that their aim of equalisation is not what the grass roots of the sport wants or needs; however, if we cannot, we need to consider whether Cross Country should consider organising itself with its own rules of governance, in the same way that the FRA & TRA have done

We will listen to your responses, and will commit to working with you and the event organisers to try and deliver what you, the clubs, want to see.”

Doncaster AC Members – Please complete this survey here

Doncaster Athletics Saturday Junior Club

Our Saturday Junior Club for children aged between 5yrs and 8yrs opens for 2021 on Saturday 9th January 9.30am to 10.30am, at our athletics track at the Keepmoat Stadium. We offer a friendly family experience for all children with the session designed to enhance fitness and light introduction to run jump and throw activities, under the supervision of our coaching team. The sessions take place every Saturday, including school holidays (in normal times these sessions would be indoors during the winter period).

Parents are welcome to stay to observe from our seated stand or leave the children in our care, in a strict safeguarding environment.

The annual fee for new members is £100 and £90 for renewal, due in January. New members also receive a free high quality t shirt.

We have a wide range of club gear in our on site cabin including, hoodies, vests, crop tops, leggings and rain jackets. Payments can be made by cash, cheque or card. Parents are also welcome to purchase hot and cold drinks and snacks from our on site tuck shop.

We currently operate a strict track and trace booking system with all sessions, for further information call Kev on m.07739312835.


Today the new Tier system was announced, South Yorkshire remains in Tier 3 for the time being, which means the club can open as planned on Tuesday 5th January 2021 and Thursday 7th January, which also includes the Saturday Club on the 9th January. Mike Cooke and Les Grant, should they wish to do so may travel from Nottinghamshire and York areas respectively. To complete voluntary work, should they wish to do so.

Our track and trace system remains in place so members must book by email with their coaches or at this link

Could I also remind everyone that membership renewal payments are due from 1st January 2021, these can be paid on line via the website, from 1st January or at the office by cash, card or cheque. There are discounts for families involving at least 3 family members.


If the Club moves to Tier 4 in the coming weeks then based upon current England Athletic Guidelines we can only train members who are under 18, Anyone 18 or over must train in isolation or with their household bubble. This would include attending the club at members convenience using the key provided to get in. THIS WILL ONLY APPLY IN 2021 IF MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL PAYMENTS HAVE BEEN PAID.

Difficult times lay ahead so please keep to the rules and stay safe.


Club Chairman

30th December 2020.

2021 Endurance Club Championships

The 2021 Club Championships

Anyone who knows me and the club will understand this is a fun inclusive competition which all members are encouraged to take part in. All abilities are respected and you can walk or run these challenges. Whatever you do please take part and join in the fun. I admire those who find running more difficult and still have a go at these competitions than perhaps those who take more naturally to running, but at the same time I think its fantastic we can support and be pleased to see the club’s runners of all abilities getting some amazing times. A 15 minute mile to a 5 minute mile, its all good and to be celebrated.

2 Events each month which will start on the first day of the month and end on the last day of the month. You can run both events or run 1 of them. If you run both events then we will take your highest scoring event of the 2 to allocate your points for that month, the points from the other event will be discarded.

Unless stated otherwise the runs should start and finish close together (within 5% of the distance, so if its 5km you should finish within 250m of the start point). This is to remove performance advantages gained from the wind and downhill runs.

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Covid Update – Club reopening 3 December

Club re-opening:The Government is set to announce a resumption of grass roots sports next Thursday 3rd December.The club Will be re-opening on this date and the Saturday Junior Club on Saturday 5th December at 9.30am.

The last formal training before we break for christmas is 19th December resuming on Tuesday 5th January subject to restrictions.

Covid restrictions still apply and members using the track are asked to book sessions using this link.