Results update 9 November 2019 – Deepdale Dash, Northern Jubilee, Cop Hill Fell Race and parkruns

Deepdale Dash – 3 November 2019

7 MaleJonathan FraryMSNR 00:36:34 00:36:37
291 MaleJonathan BirdMSNR 00:54:45 00:55:28
388 FemaleVicky LindleyV35 00:59:51 01:00:15

Cop Hill Fell Race – 3 November 2019

Caroline Wheelhouse finished this race in 55:01 and was first F60 lady to finish.

Northern Jubilee trail 10k, Half and Marathon – 3 November 2019

A great day out with friends supporting each other. Darren was delighted to complete his first marathon distance race. Well done all.

Tracey Whyman completed the 10k with a time of 1:15:14.

Sarah Smith completed the half marathon with a time of 2:29:44

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London Marathon Club Places Draw (3 places) – 14 November 2019

**FINAL CALL** The list of athletes currently going in the hat are below.

Please forward (No later than 12 November) your London Marathon rejection emails / letters to me assuming you want to go in the club draw and you meet the following conditions (my email is

  • The member needs a rejection slip from the ballot entry – letter or email which must be given to Martin James.
  • If you got a London place last year from DAC’s allocated places you should not be eligible to get one of the clubs allocated places for the next year (George Laing, Mark Webster and Gary Brown)
  • You must be a first claim member at the time of entering the public ballot and be fully paid up with a UKA license, and if you are successful at the draw you must have renewed your membership with Doncaster AC and your UKA license for the year of the marathon
  • The member has to arrange payment for the place
  • You must run in a Doncaster AC vest
  • The member needs to have completed a half marathon, or race of greater distance during 2018 / 2019 before the club ballot is drawn
  1. Tom Chisholm                                   Doncaster 2019
  2. Adrian Fearn                                      Leeds 2019
  3. Shaz Wood                                         Huddersfield 2019
  4. Darren Wood                                     Paris 2019
  5. Rebecca Coates                                Hedgehog 2019
  6. Natalie Heptinstall                           North Links 2019
  7. Wayne Brett                                       Doncaster 2019
  8. Diane Risley                                        Doncaster 2019
  9. Tracey Christison                              Liverpool 2019
  10. Merv Christison                                Doncaster 2019
  11. John Atkins                                         Sheffield 2019
  12. Trevor Blake                                       GNR 2019
  13. Sarah Smith                                        3 Castle 30 2019
  14. Mick Riley                                            GNR 2019
  15. Claire Sayles                                       GNR 2019
  16. Sam Prowse                                       Newport 2019
  17. Mark Kenworthy                              Doncaster 2019
  18. Rose James                                         Bridlington 2019
  19. Emma Butterfield                            Worksop 2019
  20. Martyn Walter                                   North Lincs 2019
  21. Daz Lambert                                       GNR 2019
  22. Kirsty Laing                                         Doncaster 2019
  23. Joanne Reynolds                              Sheffield Half 2019
  24. Claire Macleod                                  GNR 2019
  25. Michael Reynolds                            Serpent trail 2019
  26. Lucy Crayston                                    Shrewsbury 2019
  27. Kay Brown                                          Hedgehog 2019
  28. Kate Ball                                               Worksop 2019
  29. Michell Pitts                                       Doncaster 2019
  30. Elaine Green                                      Worksop 2019
  31. David Moores                                    Humber Coastal 2018
  32. John Sheerin                                        Doncaster 2019
  33. Luke Osborn                                         Snowdonia 2018
  34. Vicky Lindley                                      Sheffield 2019
  35. Kris Calvert                                         Epworth 2018    

Doncaster Athletic Club – Club of the Year 2019!

It was a star-studded celebration in Birmingham tonight at the 2019 Hall of Fame and National Volunteer Awards, sponsored by Track & Field Tours. Now in its 12th year, our prestigious annual awards evening incorporates the Hall of Fame, honouring the stars who have made outstanding contributions to athletics and running, alongside the National Volunteer Awards, celebrating the invaluable role of our sport’s volunteers from across the country.”

All volunteer award winners at 2019 National Awards

Doncaster Athletic Club won CLUB OF THE YEAR 2019!

Read more about this here and well done to Kev Lincoln and the team.




Guess the Number of Sweeties in the Jar

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All will be revealed on the 17th December


All Proceeds to go to The Club

Results update 30 October 2019 – Brigg 10k poppy race – Military Challenge, Worksop Half Marathon and parkruns

Brigg 10k poppy race – Military Challenge – 27 October 2019

Darren wrote “Well today was simply amazing.
No idea what to expect being the first time id done anything like this.
We had Scots pipers pipe us through the town centre past thousands of spectators and wellwishers.
This was followed by a 2 minute silence.
Then we were off at 9.30 15 minutes before the main race.
All the way round the town centre out through the country through cadney the support was amazing.
Coupled with it being an out and back the support for us military lads was simply astounding never have I been subjected to so many pats on the back handshakes and high fives from other race competitor’s.
Not to proud to say I shed a tear or two on the way round simply because of the overwhelming amount of support.
A huge thanks to my big bro Dave Moores who was in beast mode today and he kept me honest to the last second.
Proud to have run with you mate it was quite something.
Also a big shout out to Tracie WhymanAngie ClarkeDerek Steven Clarke and Becky HB who came out to see us round, although we caught them out as we were quicker than they expected and they missed us finishing 😂😂 never the less the support as ever was much appreciated xxx xxx
The nice thing we were the only DAC runners taking part and to hear your name getting shouted as we ran past in our DAC vests was epic.
My official time was 1.22.25
1st in my age category, 15th man out of 30 who ran and 17th out of 38 overall.
To say I’m pleased isn’t even close 😎
Will get totalled up later but I think between us we raised just over £500 so thank you to all who donated I hope we’ve done you proud
Much love xxxxxxx

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