Coaching with Mike Cooke

Mike Cooke a qualified UK Athletics level 4 performance coach in both sprints and hurdles is looking for athletes interested in training and competing at top level.  Planned training starts from October and I’m looking to recruit athletes for the start of next years training programme.

Annual plan of training used for all athletes:

Planned training from October will improve strength and conditioning, to enhance technical speed strength, stamina and overall fitness for all events especially sprints and hurdles.  The sessions use a variety of modern training methods and equipment to enhance technical performance including free weights.

The planned weeks of  training from October-March

Preparation phase of training – building the athlete

Monday gym session depending on the number of athletes, strength endurance development 7-8pm

Tuesday track session speed and speed endurance development 6-7.30pm

Wednesday rest recovery

Thursday gym Plyometrics and technical event strength development

Friday mobility work, injury prevention 7-8pm

Saturday technical event speed development track from 9am

Sunday hill training technical speed strength endurance development from 10am

All athletes get target goals set, performance advice on nutrition, competition and training.

All athletes training is planned and evaluated as below

Athletes interested in training and competing at a high level then text or call Mike on 07484659535 or come down to the track for an informal chat.

Athlete evaluation

Photos show typical strength and conditioning layout for a training session in a modern school gym to deliver high quality Plyometrics and strength endurance training.