Cusworth 10k and Fun Run results

Well dome to all who ran in the Cusworth 10k road race and run run today. Thank you to the army of volenteers who made the event possiable.

The 10k Results can be found here

Fun Run results below:

14Max Fox06:09
237Corey Halliday06:45
37Thomas Oldacre06:48
427Oscar Mcguinness06:57
538Oscar Dunning07:08
621Charlie Arthur Wardman07:21
740Annie Heppenstall08:23
839Theo Hall 08:36
98Esther Oldacre08:41
1028Rupert Mcguinness08:59
1131Olivia Pearson09:18
1229Jen Mcguinness09:19
1325Rosie Derbyshire09:27
141Asha Seymour09:36
1535Jacob Poxton10:01
1616James Bradbury10:07
1722Sophie Pugsley10:31
1819Katie-Jo Myers10:34
1926Clara Barron11:02
2020Daisy Myers11:09
2130Jack Pearson11:10
2213Alfie Gibbon11:11
2336Susan McCreadie11:32
2423Alex Pugsley12:00
2534Alexa  Robinson12:00
263Catherine Seymour12:15
2718Ava Tuxford12:25
2817Isla Bradbury13:32
2911Jaxon Hubery14:59
3012Nicola Hutchinson14:59
315Erin Armstrong16:01
3241Skyla-Rae West16:01
336Stephanie Armstrong16:13
3433Chris Calder16:13