Dan Winmill Profile

Name:  Dan Winmill                                            

Grade: Assistant Coach

Specialist Disciplines:                                

Age Groups: All Ages

Training Days: Training & Coaching Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Office Hours: I’m usually available to answer questions, address concerns and give advice between 6.00pm and 6.30pm Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Years coaching: 2

Coaching Background: Starting as an Athletics Leader in June 2011, I’ve worked with the U11 group since then. I also assist my own coach John Blackshaw in delivering sessions to his Elite Sprints & Jumps Group as well as taking sessions for the non-members Saturday Club.

Athlete Background: I’m a sprinter and I’ve qualified for the AAA Indoors twice in the 60m event.  My favourite part about being a sprinter is running in the 4x100m relays, and I’m glad to say we often do well! If I had to choose a guilty pleasure in athletics I’d choose High Jump. I enjoy training and competing at it but it isn’t my main event for a reason!

Favourite Music: Most middle of the road music, big fan of Ellie Goulding, Taylor Swift, Glee and Enya!

Favourite Movie: Not a big fan of films.

Favourite Food: You can’t beat cake!

Worst Job: Teacher-I know how bad we treat them!

Favourite Athlete: Lord Sebastian Coe

Favourite Quote: “Sometimes it’s a pleasure to win, sometimes it’s a pleasure to lose, but it must always be a pleasure”

Contact Details: Contact Me