Directors Meeting Minutes 13 March 2013

Doncaster Athletic Club
Directors meeting
13th March 2013

Dan Winmill, Barry Barnes, Steve Harrison, Kev Lincoln, Andrea Page, Les Grant, Dave Lilley

Mark Hudson, Martin James

Matters arising
Lottery still not sorted, to be addressed ASAP                                                                      MH
Coach Forum. 15 attendees. The club now has 36 active coaches, including 22 Young Leaders
Clothing. New provider identified, samples to be viewed at AGM                                       KL
Website. New edition up and running                                                                               MJ&DW
Event dates 2013 circulated

All agreed. Update given. Joint A\C set up and finance paid in by DMBC                           KL

Awards Night
Excellent evening, 260 attendees. Financial review given                                                     KL

Discussion on agenda and alterations\ amendments agreed
Minutes of AGM December 2011 agreed                                                                               BB

Away Day
Agreed Wednesday 17th April at 6-30, Police Club                                                                All

Next meeting of Directors on 3rd April will include a presentation from Success Doncaster
Discussion on Clubhouse development                                                                                SH&KL

Site Notice Boards
Agreed the 2 nearer the roller shutter doors to be moved and sighted closer to the Tuck Shop, possibly on the fence or some other strategic place                                                              SH

Open Meeting
Entries starting to come in, volunteers and officials still needed                                          SH
Officials First Aid course will have 10 attendees

Disability Open meeting
28th July agreed, with a fall back date of August Bank Holiday Monday                             KL

Site issues
Discussed were
Store room being completed
Move equipment 23rd March                                                                                SH/KL/AP
Alarm to be activated                                                                                                 KL
Shot area being refurbished                                                                                        KL
Hammer structure being repaired                                                                               KL
High Jump bed, new one ordered, old one being disposed ecologically                    KL
Bike rack, being attached to fence                                                                              SH
Club mark update
Members pack to be reviewed                                                                                                 DW

Structure is now in place                                                                                                          LG
Saturday club still continuing although the waiting list for membership is limited

Pitch maintenance
Needs to be repaired, finance agreed                                                                                        KL

Summer Prize Draw. Discussion on prizes                                                                                KL
Olympic Banner. Kindly donated by Crozier. Discussion on sighting                                   SH/AP
Football. Discussion on issues relating to the use of the facility by clubs and teams                KL

Next meeting
3rd April, 6-30 at the Police Club