Doncaster Open Event Schedule

Event No TRACK (starting @ 11.00am) Event No FIELD (starting @ 10.30am)
T1 Jun/Sen Men & Women 3000M F1 U15 Girls & U17 Women Pole Vault
T2 U13 Girls 70M Hurdles F2 U15 Boys & U17 Men Pole Vault
T3 U13 Boys 75M Hurdles F3 Junior Women Pole Vault
T4 U15 Girls 75M Hurdles F4 Junior Men Pole Vault
T5 U15 Boys 80M Hurdles F5 Senior Women Pole Vault
T6 U17 Women 80M Hurdles F6 Senior Men Pole Vault
T7 U17 Men 100M Hurdles F7 U15 Girls Discus
T8 Junior Women 100M Hurdles F8 U15 Boys Discus
T9 Senior Women 100M Hurdles F9 U17 Women Discus
T10 Junior Men 110M High Hurdles F10 U17 Men Discus
T11 Senior Men 110M High Hurdles F11 Junior Women Discus
T12 U11 Girls 600M F12 Junior Men Discus
T13 U11 Boys 600M F13 Senior Women Discus
T14 U13 Girls 800M F14 Senior Men Discus
T15 U13 Boys 800M F15 U11 Girls Long Jump
T16 U15 Girls 400M Heats F16 U11 Boys Long Jump
T17 U15 Boys 400M Heats F17 U17 Men & Women Long Jump
T18 U17 Women 400M Heats F18 Jun/Sen Men & Women Long Jump
T19 U17 Men 400M Heats F19 U13 Girls Long Jump
T20 Junior Women 400M Heats F20 U13 Boys Long Jump
T21 Senior Women 400M Heats F21 U15 Girls Long Jump
T22 Junior Men 400M Heats F22 U15 Boys Long Jump
T23 Senior Men 400M Heats F23 U13 Girls High Jump
T24 U11 Girls 80M Heats F24 U13 Boys High Jump
T25 U11 Boys 80M Heats F25 U15 Girls High Jump
T26 U13 Girls 100M Heats F26 U15 Boys High Jump
T27 U13 Boys 100M Heats F27 U17 Women High Jump
T28 U15 Girls 100M Heats F28 U17 Men High Jump
T29 U15 Boys 100M Heats F29 U13 Girls Shot
T30 U17 Women 100M Heats F30 U13 Boys Shot
T31 U17 Men 100M Heats F31 U15 Girls Shot
T32 Junior Women 100M Heats F32 U15 Boys Shot
T33 Senior Women 100M Heats F33 U17 Women Javelin
T34 Junior Men 100M Heats F34 U17 Men Javelin
T35 Senior Men 100M Heats F35 Junior Women Javelin
T36 U15 Girls 800M Heats F36 Junior Men Javelin
T37 U15 Boys 800M Heats F37 Senior Women Javelin
T38 U17 Women 800M Heats F38 Senior Men Javelin
T39 U17 Men 800M Heats F39 U11 Girls Turbo Javelin
T40 Junior Women 800M Heats F40 U11 Boys Turbo Javelin
T41 Senior Women 800M Heats
T42 Junior Men 800M Heats
T43 Senior Men 800M Heats
T44 U11 Girls 80M Final
T45 U11 Boys 80M Final
T46 U13 Girls 100M Final
T47 U13 Boys 100M Final
T48 U15 Girls 100M Final
T49 U15 Boys 100M Final
T50 U17 Women 100M Final
T51 U17 Men 100M Final
T52 Junior Women 100M Final
T53 Senior Women 100M Final
T54 Junior Men 100M Final
T55 Senior Men 100M Final
T56 U15 Girls 400M Final
T57 U15 Boys 400M Final
T58 U17 Women 400M Final
T59 U17 Men 400M Final
T60 Junior Women 400M Final
T61 Senior Women 400M Final
T62 Junior Men 400M Final
T63 Senior Men 400M Final
T64 U15 Girls 1 Mile
T65 U15 Boys 1 Mile
T66 U17 Ladies 1 Mile
T67 U17 Men 1 Mile
T68 Junior/Senior Ladies 1 Mile
T69 Junior/Senior Men 1 Mile
T70 U15 Girls 200M Heats
T71 U15 Boys 200M Heats
T72 U17 Women 200M Heats
T73 U17 Men 200M Heats
T74 Junior Women 200M Heats
T75 Senior Women 200M Heats
T76 Junior Men 200M Heats
T77 Senior Men 200M Heats
T78 U11 Girls 150M Time Trial
T79 U11 Boys 150M Time Trial
T80 U15 Girls 800M Final
T81 U15 Boys 800M Final
T82 U17 Women 800M Final
T83 U17 Men 800M Final
T84 Junior Women 800M Final
T85 Senior Women 800M Final
T86 Junior Men 800M Final
T87 Senior Men 800M Final
T88 U15 Girls 200M Final
T89 U15 Boys 200M Final
T90 U17 Women 200M Final
T91 U17 Men 200M Final
T92 Junior Women 200M Final
T93 Senior Women 200M Final
T94 Junior Men 200M Final
T95 Senior Men 200M Final
T96 U13 Girls 1500M
T97 U13 Boys 1500M
T98 U13 Girls 4×100 Relay
T99 U13 Boys 4×100 Relay
T100 U15 Girls 4×100 Relay
T101 U15 Boys 4×100 Relay
T102 U17 Women 4×100 Relay
T103 U17 Men 4×100 Relay
T104 Junior Women 4×100 Relay
T105 Senior Women 4×100 Relay
T106 Junior Men 4×100 Relay
T107 Senior Men 4×100 Relay
NB – Events may be combined, or running order changed, at the Event Organiser’s discretion, depending upon number of entrants, availability of officials, time factors and other unforeseen factors.

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