Doncaster Pacers Graduation – Next Course 20 May please share!

On the 3rd April 2014 our first group of new runners graduated after completing the Doncaster Pacers running course for beginners.  We are very proud of the group, many of which had never run before, we took them from DSCF3040being non-runners to completing a 30 minute run after 9 weeks.  Most of them were very nervous and did not believe that they could do it but we had a strong belief in the gentle program we used and the group was amazed with their progress after 2 or 3 weeks!

Week 1 was simply 60 seconds jog 90 seconds walk and over the course of the 9 weeks, 10 of the group have gone on to do the Doncaster Parkrun which we actively encourage and 15 of the new runners completed the course and are now running with Doncaster AC as both Social Members and Full Members.

The group is now building up their training with some targeting the Sandall DSCF3032Beat 10k, with the Tuesday runs getting longer (40 minutes last night) and structured interval type training on Thursdays (that I guarantee would bring any of our endurance or track runners to their knees –any DAC member is welcome to join in with these sessions).  The group has bonded fantastically and we have all become great friends.

In addition to the Tuesday and Thursday sessions at our stadium we also DSCF3027support the group every Saturday at the Parkrun and we host away runs on Sundays for the group.  So the group gets 4 coached sessions a week.  All this for just £40 until 2015 with discounted full membership at just £25 upon completion of the 9 week course.

The next course for beginners starts on the 20 May 2014, the course is £40.  As an added bonus , to people on the course starting 20 May we are able to offer as an option discounted entry to the Doncaster Town Centre 5k, this event is in the final week of the 9 week of the plan.  The usual cost is £12 and we are able to offer it to you for £5.  All money raised goes to the community club, Doncaster Athletic Club where we are proud to support 350 young athletes and 150 senior athletes.

The run leaders, Janet, Martin and Rose have enjoyed leading the groups DSCF3017immensely and found the experience very rewarding, any one who knows us knows we are 100% committed to DAC and not only are we all proud to represent our club we have also introduced our children to the club who are full members.  This commitment extends 100% to the Doncaster Pacers group.  We are very grateful for the help and support that coach Paul Brown has given to the group and to Dave Grayson, Paul Ashcroft and Eddie Fletcher who have all helped the group.

The full set of graduation photos can be found here.

We are looking to our other members to come forward and occasionally help by running with the group.


So far we have 14 runners signed up for the next course, please share this with your friends so we can make the second course as successful as the first!DSCF3007