Doncaster Park Run

You might be aware that planning is underway to launch a “parkrun” in Doncaster.  This will be held at Sandall Park on Saturday Mornings.

Park runs are free to enter and entirely run by volunteers.  All the neighbouring towns and cities have parkrun events and it will be a great asset to have one in Doncaster.

The Doncaster Parkrun orginisers need some volunteers to come forward to get the event started and ideally the volunteers will have a trip over to visit another local Parkrun (Locke Park, Barnsley) to get some practical experience of how things work.  Don’t be worried, its easy.  Mark Husdon and Martin James  visited Barnsley this morning and we acted as backup timer and barcode scanner, it was really easy and enjoyable.  We are planning to go over for the next few Saturdays to try other tasks.

The basics of how they work (for competitors) are:

  • Print out your unique barcode
  • Turn up at the race (no need to do anything when you arrive) – just make sure you have your barcode with you (you can turn up at any park run event)
  • Run the race
  • When you finish you get a token
  • Walk over to the scanning person who will scan your barcode and take your token off you
  • Go to the café

If you want to help the Doncaster Parkrun organisers get it up and “running” please come forward and volunteer, the more the better so it can be rotated and we can all run some of them.  I cannot emphasise enough how easy the tasks are (tried and tested over many years).  Drop me an email to and I will forward it to Dom Patterson who is organising it.  Me or Mark can give you a lift to Barnsley.

Thanks, Martin