First year of DAC Endurance Club Championships Results

Thank you to Chris Lawson for recording and updating thehse after each event. The 2019 Championships can be found here.

Chris writes “The Ward Green 6 was the last of the club championship races for 2018. I’ve updated the championship results with the final positions. Our overall winners across all age groups were as follows:

1st place – Marie Louise Taylor
2nd place – Shaz Wood
3rd place – Rose James Was Thompson

1st place – George Phillips
2nd place – Martin James
3rd place – Jimmy Osborne

The mens competition was particularly tight with only 4 points between 1st and 3rd places.

Huge congratulations to George and Mazza for being our very first Club Champions!!!!!

The full set of category winners are:

SM George Phillips
MV30 Jimmy Osborne
MV40 Martin James
MV50 Roy Turton
MV60 Pete Wade
MV70 Anthony O’Connor
JM Connor Anderson

SW Ainara Garcia Durham
WV30 Shaz Wood
WV40 Marie Louise Taylor
WV50 Margaret Butler
WV60 Julie Cull
WV70 Sue Greaves
JW Sophie Royle

Well done to all this years winners, and well done to everyone who took part in our first Club Championship season.”

The full set of results can be found here: