Meeting 12 January at the XP School


During 2016 we experienced a number of problems in respect of members competing without having full knowledge of the process involved, who to speak to at the Club and what information is needed. As the new season gets underway in the new year with regional cross country events, Lower and Upper track and field Development leagues, SY track and field leagues, DAC Open Meetings and the British League.

There are also new training sessions, on Wednesday evenings instead of Tuesday and Thursdays, for members who have not competed for the Club since 1st April 2016 and who have not indicated an intention to compete up to 1st April 2017.

Detailed information about all these subjects and much more will be given at a specially arranged meeting at XP School at 6pm until 8pm on Thursday 12th January. THIS IS A MANDATORY MEETING FOR ALL CONCERNED SO THAT PARENTS IN PARTICULAR ARE NOT LEFT WONDERING WHAT TO DO AND IS IN RESPONSE TO MANY REQUESTS FOR SUCH A BRIEFING.

We are going to a lot of trouble to arrange this, it is in your interest to be there.