Northern League

Our 2018 season in the Northern League marked a fantastic effort by our members pulling out all the stops to gain promotion for this year.  Sadly, all that effort appears to have been for nothing as our Team Managers are not getting the support they need from our athletes, in particular female members, not taking anything away from those who have competed so far.

Needless to say we languish in sixth position in the league, well below the team above us and are destined for relegation if we do turn around our fortunes in the remaining matches.    

We can do this if more eligible athletes make themselves available and demonstrate loyalty to our great club and confirm that we are capable of remaining in this league.

I therefore appeal to all our members to check your diaries and sign up for events so that all gaps are covered to enable us to put in a better than poor overall performance and sustain membership of this league.

The team managers are Judith Revitt, Les Grant, Martin James and Kevin Lincoln, see us at the track or contact us by social media or email

The remaining fixtures are 14 July (Hull) and 10 August (Rotherham)

Kev Lincoln

Club Chairman

25th June 2019.