Benidorm 1/2 Marathon & 10k Report

May 2019 I held an information evening to see if we could get any interest in travelling over to Benidorm. 9 months later I could never have predicted how

30 DAC members travelled to Benidorm arriving over 3 days all with one common goal – to have a good time! People stopped over for between 3-5 nights on average. A support crew of 3 Andy Breeze, Sarah Blake and Club Photographer Chris Cull. 4 members, Rose James, Merv Christison, Mick Riley & Mick Hair competing the Half Marathon and 23 others of a huge range of ability and expectation competing in the 10k.

The build up to the race concentrated on endurance and carb loading! Stopping out to the early hours was something all athletes took very seriously. That and Shots, at any and every opportunity in true Yorkshire fashion we all took advantage of the free shots.

The weather was truly fantastic after the wet windy weather back home. The average daily temperature was between 20-23 degrees with a warm breeze. Race day was warm and as the start got closer the DAC vest became a growing site. We were the biggest represented club of the Crazy Running Group, and during the race the Spaniards could be heard shouting ‘Go Doncaster’. The course was lined with spectators. A reasonably flat fast course with one almighty hill at 4 miles where you were met by a Devil and could hear the road to Hell blasting out. Anyone thinking the hill was prior to this had a shock!

The finish and light show as you ran through the final 400 metres was awesome and spurred you to cross the line.

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Results update – 2 March 2020 – Oulton Park / Anglesey Half Marathons, Norton 9 and parkruns

Reports from Benidorm and Chester to follow.

Oulton Park Half Marathon – 1 Match 2020

Sally wrote 🤩 HALF MARATHON PB 🤩.
Couldn’t be happier. Hilly and windy and 5 laps but oh my, I did love it! 🏎🏁. Really proud of us, think we did ourselves very proud. 😍
Running just keeps reminding me to be humble, be ever thankful for life and for what my body can do when it is most under pressure. It doesn’t always go well. I have had some terrible head winds to contend with during marathon training which has tested me mentally. I run because I CAN. I keep going cos mamma didn’t raise a quitter.

Laura wrote Thank you to Martyn Walter for encouraging and supporting us both to join DAC, best decision we ever made, also big thanks to Glynn Jones for sticking with me when I’ve found it tough during the longer/faster runs…we’ll be back at group this week, preparing for Doncaster Half!!!

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National Cross Country Championships – 22 February 2020

Well done to all our athletes who ran at the National Cross Country Championships. Conditions were difficult underfoot with long stretches of totally waterlogged and muddy ground. People were falling down (about half of our runners) and losing shoes. In addition some big tree trunks has been placed on the course for us to jump over (or climb over as we got tired). We had fudge and cake thanks to Mark and Rose.

We tried our new old (gifted by Jody) tent which worked well. To those who could not make it, we hope you get on top of your injuries / illness soon.

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Dugg Banks photography

U15 Boys

189Edward Phillips555Doncaster AC00:19:54

U13 Girls

267Elise Hutchinson1151Doncaster AC00:19:48
311Lilly Auker1149Doncaster AC00:20:53
315Amy Dalowsky1150Doncaster AC00:21:04

U17 Men

190Connor James Anderson1718Doncaster AC00:27:32
232Adam Allam1717Doncaster AC00:28:52

U13 Boys

272Daniel Reeve2236Doncaster AC00:18:12

U15 Girls

311Sophie Mary James2849Doncaster AC00:25:28

Junior Women

30Molly Butterworth3377Doncaster AC00:28:43

Junior Men

111Joseph Jack Phillips5600Doncaster AC00:43:27

Senior Men

269George Phillips6644Doncaster AC00:51:14
623Mariusz Felczerek6639Doncaster AC00:56:38
733Martin James6640Doncaster AC00:58:24
1070Adam Cotterill6638Doncaster AC01:03:34
1384Mark Webster6645Doncaster AC01:09:55
1407Stuart Lindsay6642Doncaster AC01:10:35
1549Simon Parkin6643Doncaster AC01:15:57

Senior Women

576Rose James4350Doncaster AC00:50:41
724Tracy Land4352Doncaster AC00:55:36
760Justyna Felczerek4348Doncaster AC00:56:53
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Dug Banks Photography

South Yorkshire Track Relays 21 March

South Yorkshire relays take place on Saturday 21st March at Woodburn Rd Sheffield
This covers all age groups from U11 to seniors – if u are interested in working together as a team for 100m or 400m relays ( there are longer distances for older age groups ) please let me have your name along with 3 other athlete names & I will put your team in to compete.

It’s always great fun & a great way to get to know the rest of DAC

Get in touch soon