Conditions of Carriage


This document outlines the policy regarding travel in coaches, buses, rail vehicles or any other private hire vehicle operating under contract to Doncaster Athletic Club(hereafter referred to as DAC), any travel arranged by DAC on public transport or within not-for-hire private vehicles.

Travel providers may also have Conditions of Carriage, which must also be followed. Where there is conflict between DAC and travel provider policy, the policy of the travel provider will apply, unless otherwise agreed and stated.


Travel Organiser The person who has arranged and/or booked the travel, this may be a Team Manager.
Responsible Person A Team Manager, Travel Organiser or Driver of a vehicle.

Code of Conduct for Passengers

All passengers are expected to follow this code of conduct.

  • At all times when boarding, alighting or aboard vehicles instructions from Responsible Persons must be followed.
  • Where provided, seatbelts must be worn.
  • Vehicles may not have their legal capacity exceeded.
  • Passengers should board or alight from vehicles directly onto the pavement and not onto a road, unless advised by a responsible person.
  • Where a continental exit (sunken offside door) is provided, it may be used if it meets the above criteria.
  • Food and drink may be consumed, with the agreement of the vehicle owner, but no litter or mess should be left behind.
  • Foul language, or behaviour likely to offend may not be used.
  • Smoking, consuming alcohol or illegal drugs are not permitted.

Tickets & Fares

Bookings may be made up until the point of departure, however a fare system may price discriminate based of time or date of booking, or type of passenger. For example, bookings made on the day of departure may cost more.

Cancellations may be made up to 3 days prior to the end of the day of departure with a full refund, or no charge made. If you attempt to cancel after this time DAC reserves the right to charge for seats, regardless of whether the passenger chooses to travel

If a passenger has failed to arrive before the departure time, DAC will assume that a cancellation has been made. Passengers are advised to contact the Travel Organiser if they will not arrive on time, as they may be able to wait or otherwise assist.

Charging for cancellations is at the discretion of DAC.

Fares may be charged to all passengers travelling, however certain groups attract a concession, which may permit free travel. When travelling to a competition, Competing Athletes, Practicing Officials and Team Managers will attract the concessionary rate. Spectators pay full fare. Bus passes or travel cards are not accepted. Where passengers have special needs, a carer may accompany them at the concessionary rate.