Race Report – Moorland Adventure 50km Peak District Night Hike; Staffs 12-13 April 2014

Advertised as a test of your map reading skills is an understatement – unless of course you take a GPS with you!! This is not for the faint hearted, with the route taking one over the heart of Peak District near Buxton. Starting at Meerbrook, at the tip of Tittesworth Resevoir, Staffordshire, you quickly make yourself towards the South region of the peaks. Starting at dusk and after a huge deluge of rain, the sun decided to show itself before the red disk dipped below the horizon. The clock then starting ticking before night vision had to kick in.  With a total of 1500m climb, those limbs need to take you north through Gradbach, Three Shires head (twice!) , Cat and Fiddle on the A 54,  over Shining Tor, Goyt forest, before heading East and then eventually south on the return leg. The highlight of the evening was running alongside Fernilee resevoir. Visions of the Dambusters training at night time came to mind as the reservoir water glinted in the moonlight whilst the dam wall buttresses were silhouetted in the background. The pain slowly ebbed away as I was able to replace those calories with hot soup, bacon butties and a hot cup of tea at the finish. Total time – 6hr 39mins.

Richard Randle