Results update 11 March 2019 – Retford Half, Chester 10k, Rother Valley 5k / 10k, Barcelona Marathon, Parkruns

Barcelona Marathon – 10 March 2019

Well done to M35 athlete Michael Richardson who finished in 4388th place with a chip time of 3:42:43

“Heading back to the UK with a lovely DAC vest tan line. Always a pleasure to wear and represent, good or bad performance wore with pride through the streets of Catalonia

Marató Barcelona absolutely delighted with that in the struggle of the glorious barca sun ”salt tablets worked a treat”. A recent run of annoying injuries put participation in question and came with a target of just getting a sub4. Struggles kicked in at 15k but managed to pick it up and progress nicely at steady pace. 4-6 weeks run free now to hopefully recover at last”

Retford Half Marathon – 10 March 2019

After our presentation evening the night before.. Well done all runners,
it was a very cold damp start with rain later on.

Pos   Forename   Surname   Cat   ChipTime   ChipPos   GunTime   

Chester 10k – 10 March 2019

Kevin Newman finished this race in 82nd place with a chip time of 38:17. Well done Kev.

Rother Valley 5k / 10k Multi Terrain – 10 March 2019

Well done to all our runners, some great times all and 3rd place for Jonathan in the 10k and 2nd place for Phil in the 5k.

3Jonathan FraryMaleSenior00:37:0100:36:58
175Sandra MeakinFemaleV4001:10:5601:10:47
176Mark KenworthyMaleV5001:10:5801:10:47
177Vicky LindleyFemaleV3501:10:5901:10:48
2Phil WhiteheadMaleSenior00:18:3900:18:39

Parkruns – 9 March 2019

Wayne Brett wrote “My own take on todays Doncaster Park run, bit of a read but hopefully some smile 🙂 I haven’t tagged people but some are mentioned.

Doncaster Parkrun 9th March 2019.

First thing to check was just how cold it was out there to decide just how many layers ill be wearing today. Not too bad I thought and opted for just the cold wear gear and t-shirt. Driving to the park I see a hint of water hit the windscreen and I am now already thinking hmmm… I don’t like water. No matter I thought onwards it may stop by the time I get there.
Arrived nice and early, rain still dropping slowly so sit in car for about 15 mins debating if it’s going to play nice enough to seduce me outside and brave it. Yes the weather gods decided that for hose 30 seconds I made that choice it would stop let me get out and think hmm maybe another light jacket and boom off I went.

Now this folks is where weather gods laughed at me. No sooner did I see Marty, Dawn and Mark (and others) but the wind then picked up, bracing is a word I would like to use. Others call me all sorts but I don’t do cold or wet very well. No worries everyone is getting hyped and ready to roll, the intro to the new starts seemed to take forever in that but we marched onto the start line. The longest walk known to man. All I can say is thank you for not taking too long in getting it going as by now the rain had decided to say oh you think it’s fun, wait till you see what I’m about to shove down your throat.

Race begins and were all off, fighting for the smallest amount of tarmac you can get onto so you “don’t get dirty” LOL. No sooner had it started did the rain decide to just fall in sheets, not just vertically but horizontally right into the face too. It felt like cutting glass was cutting into your soul. No matter though as it was soon into the “cover” of the other side of the lake and ready to head round onto the field. I will call it a field for now, this will change shortly.

Lake bit done up the sodding hill and there she is our very own Dawn cheering us on, massive coat on hood up, I have no words for this lady right now. Onto the first part of “the field” this part is now called the introduction to sliding, it’s an introduction because at the next bend you head into Death Valley, so called now due to mud covering the roots of trees. This moved into the moguls, I’m sure even an Olympic skier would have issues with those things, moving round straight into oops I slipped corner and onto… Grandma’s porridge. This part of the course sapped any hopes and dreams you have right there and then. You cannot see puddles of water so much, just a lot of mud pools. You don’t know if its solid and you pray that your next step won’t make you disappear. Through the banks of saplings which I just have to say did a great job of funnelling us all into the bog and out onto what we all thought was about a million times better than what we had just done. Round and down the tree line and back to the tarmac. I haven’t mentioned the weather in lap one, that’s simply because it was dire… Wind and Rain presented itself into making me as wet as a bath would. The final stretch back to the start which should now just be called slippery snake and this is when the weather gods thought hmm what else we can now do to really mess with them… I know SUNSHINE.

Now most think this is great and yes in some respects it is, the wind died down, I wasn’t getting wet anymore and well it seemed a little easier. It was still a mud bath, the moguls were still being dodged and the Bog of doom was still there to make sure your feet were sodden. However now came the tarmac. TARMAC I hear you cry, surely that’s easy. Yes it is… but it is now also a mirror. Blinding light hitting you from the floor. If I need a tan I would get one here all round.
Final lap and as we all do think that’s it we’ve done it, what else can happen today. Well luckily for me it was just the same run round with the same spots and issues as ever. One poor guy had his dog “pulling” him around, that’s fine on tarmac, but on mud… Let’s just say dogs seem to grip better than humans. The man did fall the dog decided it was best to keep trawling the mud. He was ok as about 5 people all around him got him up. I know he was fine because he and his dog then passed me shortly after covered from head to toe.

The final sprint over the finish and done. Dawn there to greet us all with a smile and a well done as she scanned the code.
What have we learnt, firstly if you do Doncaster and it’s anything like not dry wear something with a good tread on it? I felt like I had slick tyres on. Wearing the correct gear is a must, socks are vital and I am so thankful that at least I had that right. If this was your first park run, I promise you it gets easier. I though Donny in a partially dry day was hard… Donny on a wet day is basically a tough mudder.

PB’s for Kelsey WILSON , Claire SAYLES , Tammy CULLEN , Michael CULLEN , Roy TURTON , Elaine GREEN , Sarah SMITH , David SMITH , Lynn OLSEN

First timers were Connor ANDERSON , Janet POWELL , Jeannette WALTERS , Karen LEWCHENKO , Isobel JENKINSON , Mike CLEASBY , Kevin WAUGH , Felicidad MINGUEZ , Rae MCGUIRE , Samantha HILL , Vicky KEVERNE

At Doncaster 1st DAC mane to finish was Simon WRIGHT and first DAC lady was Julie CULL.

Set of photos from Doncaster taken by Chris Cull here.


127 Kelsey WILSON 25:58 SW20-24 57.00 % F 23 Doncaster AC New PB! 15


125Vicky ROYLE29:50VW45-4954.86 %F30Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:27:4666


142Claire SAYLES31:11VW35-3948.53 %F49Doncaster ACNew PB!28


361Tammy CULLEN34:28VW40-4444.97 %F131Doncaster ACNew PB!2
362Michael CULLEN34:29VM40-4440.79 %M231Doncaster ACNew PB!2


13Roy TURTON22:19VM50-5467.14 %M12Doncaster ACNew PB!18

Rother Valley

3Peter BADGER17:50VM40-4478.88 %M3Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:17:32126
7Connor ANDERSON18:29JM15-1774.12 %M7Doncaster ACFirst Timer!27
12Martin JAMES19:07VM40-4473.06 %M12Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:17:3393
193Janet POWELL28:49VW55-5965.47 %F47Doncaster ACFirst Timer!22
194Elaine GREEN28:50VW50-5460.40 %F48Doncaster ACNew PB!11
265Jeannette WALTERS31:58VW60-6462.46 %F86Doncaster ACFirst Timer!41
288Karen LEWCHENKO33:36SW30-3444.25 %F99Doncaster ACFirst Timer!1
289Isobel JENKINSON33:36SW20-2444.05 %F100Doncaster ACFirst Timer!2
310Lynnette-Jane TEMPERTON-BALL35:46VW55-5949.95 %F111Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:29:0346
345Dee SCHADE41:29VW60-6446.77 %F136Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:37:2225
350Susan HUNT42:37VW45-4938.01 %F141Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:34:1211
352Gemma Louise WARD42:42SW30-3434.74 %F143Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:32:2532


182Mike CLEASBY27:19VM45-4951.92 %M158Doncaster ACFirst Timer!166


45George LAING24:19VM55-5964.84 %M42Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:21:0393
47Kirsty LAING24:27SW30-3460.67 %F4Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:23:1164
185Kevin WAUGH31:01VM55-5949.54 %M128Doncaster ACFirst Timer!38


37Simon PARKIN26:55VM45-4954.37 %M32Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:25:5895


2Simon WRIGHT19:25VM50-5478.45 %M2Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:17:0733
3Jack PELL19:42JM15-1770.64 %M3Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:18:2743
4Christopher MORAN20:10VM40-4468.18 %M4Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:17:3381
13Pete WADE22:26VM60-6472.14 %M13Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:20:3297
20Peter OLIVER23:40VM55-5967.18 %M20Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:21:4257
40Harry FLINT25:14JM11-1458.92 %M40Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:24:1717
68Wayne BRETT26:12VM40-4452.10 %M64Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:25:054
96Wayne CODDINGTON28:20VM60-6456.59 %M85Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:27:234
102Bill TOPPING28:33VM70-7462.52 %M90Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:24:14204
137Julie CULL30:46VW60-6463.06 %F25Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:27:4364
138Marc PELL30:46VM40-4445.72 %M113Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:26:4448
140John ATKINS30:52VM35-3943.25 %M115Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:25:5520
150Alan THIMBLEBY31:41VM55-5950.18 %M121Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:24:016
156Trevor BLAKE32:04VM40-4442.88 %M124Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:27:1430
169Felicidad MINGUEZ33:04VW35-3945.21 %F40Doncaster ACFirst Timer!1
172Claire MACLEOD33:12VW45-4948.80 %F43Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:27:3224
183Julie GUEST33:52VW55-5953.44 %F49Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:28:39123
184Sarah SMITH33:54VW40-4446.07 %F50Doncaster ACNew PB!5
185David SMITH33:55VM35-3939.95 %M135Doncaster ACNew PB!2
191Warren INGRAM34:37VM40-4439.43 %M136Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:32:362
192Catherine FORRESTER34:47JW15-1743.99 %F56Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:28:2525
197Martyn WALTER35:26VM55-5944.50 %M137Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:23:15116
198Yvonne GIBBON35:39VW45-4945.44 %F61Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:32:1625
199Gill PICK35:41VW50-5448.16 %F62Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:31:0527
200Mark KENWORTHY35:43VM50-5442.65 %M138Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:26:3159
209Lynne WEBB36:35VW60-6453.80 %F69Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:35:2020
212Rosemary ARMSTRONG36:54VW75-7966.89 %F71Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:27:45116
214Winifred COSTELLO37:06VW55-5950.13 %F72Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:33:0012
231Rae MCGUIRE41:04VW45-4939.85 %F83Doncaster ACFirst Timer!1
237Samantha HILL42:30VW40-4436.47 %F87Doncaster ACFirst Timer!1
238Vicky KEVERNE42:32VW45-4937.34 %F88Doncaster ACFirst Timer!1
240Lynn OLSEN44:06VW45-4937.57 %F89Doncaster ACNew PB!2
241Sue GREAVES44:14VW70-7450.34 %F90Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:31:5332
244Michael REYNOLDS45:04SM30-3429.11 %M153Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:22:3834
247Lynn GRIFFITHS46:29VW55-5939.48 %F93Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:40:1310