Results update 2 May 2016 – Brimingham 10k, Lightning Run Ultra, Brilliant London Marathon Report and Parkruns

The week after the Doncaster 5k is the Scunthorpe 10k – 20 July 2016.  For our members who are marshalling our 5k this is a nice local race to have a go at.

Enter our races now, the Sandall Beat 10k, Town Centre 5k and Cusworth 10k (all with fun runs).

Lightning Run – 1 May 2016

Martin and Susan Hookway completed the lightning run as solo runners, that’s run as many 10k hilly off road loops as you can in 12 hours.  Martin is 13124439_10209359695659597_7521966589463442040_na veteran ultra runner but Susan had only ever run a couple of road 10k races before and a lot of parkruns.  Previously Susan has been support crew for Martin, but this time she proved she is an ultra runner.

Martin wrote “What a brilliant day. 12hrs of racing shared with some amazing friends. Not only did my awesome wife smash her distance PB with 60k (36miles) putting her in 20th place, I somehow managed 100k (62miles) landing me a PB, a Doncaster AC Club Record on the course & 9th position. I was lucky enough to share my 2nd to last lap with Sue then run over the finish line with Emmy & Lucy who had been amazing support crew all day. Sadly my planned crazy night of drinking has taken a back seat in favour of an early night lol. Next stop TR24 where we do the same but for 24hrs”

13151600_10209359696539619_8976384678854740542_nBirmingham 10k – 1 May 2016

Well done to Visually Impaired runner Claire Bunting (guided by S
13103258_10156833224050092_6865047511057432646_n (1)ally Wheelhouse) for running a PB, completing the race in 1:08:54 and finishing in 4641th place.  Claire has written her running story, click here to read this.

Visually Impaired runner, Sharon Maughan’s London Marathon Report

Where do I start what a day!! After a packed train journey from London Bridge to Greenwich I met Sharon Fieldhouse (my guide) and we walked over to the park following thousands of people, near the pen we said our goodbyes and off we went to hand our bags to the lorry and to find Red Pen 9, a quick toilet stop, which I actually didn’t need (I’d eaten and done what Carl Ryde had said to do in a plan).  I came out and on a big screen 13115742_10154139088213684_2135166319_nwas Tim Peake counting down, it brought a tear to my eye, we walked towards our pen but were shouted through an entrance as the runners were moving forward.
Everyone was chatting as we made the 20 minute walk to the start, and there it was, a slow jog for about 10 feet and we are off, I felt every emotion going. As you can imagine it was busy but I never imagined it would be the whole way round, before we hit the first mile people were stretching off and having pees along the roadside, I just hoped it wouldn’t happen to us. I remember hitting the mile marker and saying to Sharon woohoo only 25.2 to go, I bet she loved me lol. Our pace was as we had planned, and we weaved round the other runners trying to find a space. We passed a huge Rhino, a minion, a man carrying a washing machine an almost life size dinosaur, numerous superheroes, and a bare foot Jesus carrying his cross along 13115810_10154139088083684_1886420880_nour way. At mile 3 I reminded Sharon we had just done a Parkrun.
The crowds were fantastic and before I knew it Sharon was pointing out our support crew at the Cutty Sark, we were 6 miles in and feeling fab. 9 miles in and a third of the way round, Sharon and I were feeling great, we hadn’t spoke much as the noise from the crowd and other runners encouraging you was fantastic and every time we spoke neither of us new what the other had said. The drink stations were mental, everyone diving In front of you and also trying to avoid the discarded bottles, but we got through them all without incident.  I remember going over Tower Bridge and loads of runners were taking selfies whilst jogging backwards, we were halfway there only another 13.1 mile to go.
The second half is a bit of a blur I can’t remember many of the mile markers and time seemed to fly, we saw the Blind Veterans support stand at mile 17 and he took some pics only to appear again a minute later to take some more as his camera had malfunctioned. There were still swarms of runners around me, as one ran past he grabbed me and gave me a hug and through his tears said to me his wife had lost her sight 6 months ago and how inspirational I was, which made me cry, and with that he zoomed off into the distance.
We saw our support crew once again and this time I managed a wave as we went past. Only about 6ish mile to go. The weather had stayed dry for us and we relished the cool breeze that kept making an appearance between the heat the sun was throwing at us. Sharon enjoyed the showers we could run through but I tried to avoid them as I hate getting wet. At around mile 24 I was buzzing, the crowds 13115429_10154139088308684_233805753_nstepped it up a notch and we had nearly done it. I daren’t stop or walk as I thought if I did I might not get going again. We spotted Katey and had a quick chat. We were so close yet so far away. I kept saying to Sharon “we’ve nearly done it” and “not far now” The last mile WoW what a feeling we just ran and when we saw the finish line we held hands and put them up in the air it was the best feeling ever, and an experience I will never forget.
I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Sharon for all her time and commitment she has put into our training since January, you will never know what it means to me, oh and did I mention she took 20 odd minutes off the PB Well Done Shazza. I’d also like to thank all the other guides who have helped me with my training and given me lifts here there and everywhere. And a massive thanks to all of you at Doncaster Pacers, Athletic Club and Tri Club for helping make my running dreams come true, and not forgetting everyone who was kind enough to sponsor me. Also Blind Veterans UK who gave me the place so I could run in my dads memory Thank you all x

Parkruns – 30 April 2016

PB’s for Paul BROWN, Carrie WATSON, Daniel ORME, George ROWLAND, Lee MILBURN.

First timers at away parkruns were Phil WHITEHEAD, Marie-Louise TAYLOR, Martyn WALTER, Bill TOPPING, Claire MACLEOD, Richard MACLEOD and Laura VICKERS.

At Doncaster First man to finish was George PHILLIPS and first lady Nicola DEVINE.

Nicola Devine and James Osbourne are fast approaching the milestone of 50!


30 Phil WHITEHEAD 22:12 SM25-29 58.11 % M 30 Doncaster AC First Timer! 64 Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo
37 Marie-Louise TAYLOR 22:38 VW40-44 67.60 % F 2 Doncaster AC First Timer! 19 Strava logoFitbit logo
97 Martyn WALTER 27:19 VM55-59 56.25 % M 76 Doncaster AC First Timer! 60 Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo


25 Paul BROWN 23:41 VM60-64 70.16 % M 22 Doncaster AC New PB! 89 Member of the parkrun 50 Club
27 Bill TOPPING 24:30 VM65-69 70.41 % M 24 Doncaster AC First Timer! 76 Member of the parkrun 50 Club

Clumber Park

170 Claire MACLEOD 32:51 VW45-49 48.35 % F 63 Doncaster AC First Timer! 6 Strava logo
220 Richard MACLEOD 43:11 VM45-49 33.62 % M 126 Doncaster AC First Timer! 5 Strava logo
228 Lee-Ann MCGARRY 49:55 VW45-49 32.45 % F 102 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:28:08 60 Member of the parkrun 50 ClubFitbit logo
229 Jane CHANDLER 49:56 VW50-54 33.58 % F 103 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:26:20 23

Nostell Priory

122 Carrie WATSON 29:49 SW30-34 49.75 % F 41 Doncaster AC New PB! 6
144 Laura VICKERS 31:01 SW30-34 48.04 % F 58 Doncaster AC First Timer! 4


1 George PHILLIPS 18:30 JM15-17 74.05 % M 1 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:17:12 84 Member of the parkrun 50 Club
2 Daniel ORME 18:37 SM20-24 79.29 % M 2 Doncaster AC New PB! 9
4 Martin JAMES 19:05 VM40-44 71.53 % M 4 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:18:09 37 Strava logo
5 George ROWLAND 19:28 JM11-14 74.49 % M 5 Doncaster AC New PB! 11 Member of the parkrun 10 Club
7 Lee MILBURN 19:38 SM25-29 65.70 % M 7 Doncaster AC New PB! 3
8 Niall HORSTEAD 19:45 SM25-29 65.32 % M 8 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:19:11 35 Strava logo
10 James OSBORNE 20:10 SM30-34 64.13 % M 10 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:18:47 46 Strava logo
11 Nicola DEVINE 20:38 SW25-29 71.73 % F 1 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:19:56 47
16 Malcolm LEGGETT 21:26 VM55-59 72.94 % M 15 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:21:20 19
27 Simon PARKIN 22:59 VM45-49 62.15 % M 25 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:20:47 32
30 Peter FORRESTER 23:22 VM55-59 66.90 % M 28 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:22:02 64 Member of the parkrun 50 Club
41 Trevor LAMBERT 24:28 VM55-59 63.90 % M 35 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:21:50 63 Member of the parkrun 50 Club
58 Karey MILES 25:27 VW40-44 60.12 % F 9 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:22:44 32
87 Martin BOYD 30:12 VM50-54 50.44 % M 68 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:21:55 74 Member of the parkrun 50 Club
88 Ruth HUNTER 30:32 VW45-49 54.26 % F 20 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:26:17 45
89 Simon HUNTER 30:32 VM50-54 49.07 % M 69 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:22:48 80 Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo
92 Ian FLEETON 31:03 SM30-34 42.03 % M 70 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:28:38 5 Strava logo

Some Races to Enter

Sandall Beat Trail 10k – 8 June 2016

Doncaster Onesie Run – 18 June 2016

Hull 10k – 19 June 2016

Humber Bridge Half Marathon – 26 June 2016

Eccup 10 Mile – 3 July 2016

Doncaster 5k – 13 July 2016

Aurora 5k – 18 July 2016

Hull Marathon – 18 September 2016

Cusworth 10k – 2 October 2016

Please send any reports for the website to Martin James.