Results update 21 March 2018 – Grindleford Gallop and Parkruns

**Help please** – A date for your diary , 28 March – We are hosting a 5 mile road race near Brodsworth, we need 16 marshals to make this happen. Meet in Garden Centre car park at 6pm, race starts at 6.45pm in old pit entrance access road. Be aware of road closure from Woodlands due to housing construction, this will not effect the race.

Club Championships – The Norton 9 was off due to the snow, this is to be rescheduled.  On 30 March 2018 we have the Epworth Easter Egg 10k which is on the club championships, click here to enter.

Grindleford Gallop – 21 Miles

This remains one of the hardest races to enter, you have about 60 seconds to get sorted before it sells out. This year, myself and Rose decided to stay over the night before the race at a hotel about 600m away from the start. Nice food, drink and accommodation. Not very nice weather….

On Friday evening the chance of the race being cancelled existed, depending on the amount of the snow on the roads in the morning. Hardly any snow fell overnight, but light snow was falling from 7am. The race was on.

Quick drive to the Race HQ to collect our numbers and dibber and back to the warm car. We were reading -1 degrees C, with a wind chill of -10. I decided to set off with 3 layers on. We all ran with extra kit, the risk was if you got injured or lost or conditions got very bad, you had to take care you yourself whilst waiting for help.

We met up with the other Doncaster AC runners at the event, Janet Hampson and Luke Osbon, and it was great to see Chris Lawson. We took the necessary selfies and made our way to the start.

Its a fast start with a bottleneck only 200m from the start and then onto narrow trails with stiles, even near the front of the field you get stuck.

The 1st climb

1.5 miles in to the race is the first climb out of Froggatt, this climb is 529 feet in less than 1 mile on muddy paths and grass. I decided to take my coat off and put it in my pack on this climb. Then a quick descent down to Eyam, through the village and then a gentle climb along bridleways, fields, many stiles and a bit of road, at the top we got a great view of Cressbrook.

The fast bit of the race starts now, 7.3 miles to 11.7 miiles basically all down hill on farm tracks down to Great Longstone, then on to the Monsal Trail to Bakewell.

The second major climb soon started, 391 feet in 0.4 miles, lots of walking on this muddy section. Then running along wide open muddy fields down to Edensor, Chatsworth and Baslow. Difficult to get speed up due to the conditions.

And on to the final climb, a very tough 677 feet in 2 miles. Then technical running on the flat and descent back down to Grindleford.

I have not spoken about the weather yet, at times the conditions were the worse I had ever run in with horizontal snow blizzards, any exposed skin was in discomfort but its difficult to cover up the mouth and nose as my glasses mist up. Visibility was poor on the most technical sections and soft snow covered up rocks, so the risk of injury is high. I decided not to run hard on the descents given this danger. You know its cold when your shoe laces have frozen solid and you put a buff on and it is solid ice.

The race was about 0.4 miles longer than last year and the conditions were a lot worse.

592 finished. I could be disappointed with my time but I am not because of the conditions and I ran some of the more difficult climbs well. You might have thought the ground would be frozen but it was not lol.

Pos Name Cat Time
31 Martin James M40 3:08:53
40 Chris Lawson M40 3:12:52
224 Rose James F35 4:24:07
288 Janet Hampson F40 4:47:59
293 Luke Osbon M35 4:49:02

Great refreshments at the finish with coffee, soup and cake. My GPS track is below.

Parkruns – 17 March 2018

PB’s for Nicole NORTONHannah WHITBY.

First timers were Yvonne GIBBON.

At Doncaster, the conditions were reported to be just about as bad as they have ever been (as I am sure they were at most courses).  1st DAC at Doncaster was Joe PHILLIPS and first DAC lady was Julie GUEST.

Sheffield Hallam

27 Samuel LAWSON 20:09 JM15-17 69.07 % M 27 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:19:32 32 Member of the parkrun 10 Club


26 Nicole NORTON 23:40 SW20-24 62.54 % F 3 Doncaster AC New PB! 6

Normanby Hall

24 Jessica ROYLE 23:44 SW20-24 62.36 % F 2 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:22:49 46 Member of the parkrun 10 Club
34 Sophie ROYLE 26:38 JW15-17 56.76 % F 4 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:24:52 40 Member of the parkrun 10 Club


77 Paul BROWN 37:30 VM65-69 45.16 % M 45 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:24:01 168 Member of the parkrun 100 Club


73 Mike CLEASBY 26:20 VM40-44 53.42 % M 66 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:24:14 114 Member of the parkrun 100 ClubStrava logo


225 Lucy HATHAWAY 31:28 SW20-24 47.03 % F 67 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:30:47 28

Rother Valley

26 Nick NEWMAN 23:21 VM55-59 67.52 % M 23 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:22:40 86 Member of the parkrun 50 Club

Clumber Park

20 George LAING 22:10 VM55-59 70.53 % M 20 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:21:25 66 Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo


46 Margaret BUTLER 28:26 VW55-59 66.35 % F 11 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:27:02 33
53 Peter BUTLER 29:30 VM60-64 55.31 % M 38 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:28:48 32


2 Joe PHILLIPS 19:08 JM15-17 71.60 % M 2 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:18:11 70 Member of the parkrun 50 Club
9 Pete WADE 22:45 VM60-64 70.48 % M 9 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:20:32 75 Member of the parkrun 50 Club
25 Peter FORRESTER 24:23 VM55-59 65.21 % M 24 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:21:10 128 Member of the parkrun 100 Club
49 Mark KENWORTHY 28:13 VM50-54 53.57 % M 42 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:26:31 35 Strava logo
63 Martyn WALTER 29:37 VM55-59 52.79 % M 53 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:23:15 98 Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo
71 Julie GUEST 30:34 VW55-59 58.45 % F 13 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:28:39 95 Member of the parkrun 50 Club
107 Hannah WHITBY 39:27 SW30-34 37.60 % F 30 Doncaster AC New PB! 2
108 Yvonne GIBBON 39:41 VW45-49 40.40 % F 31 Doncaster AC First Timer! 1
109 Dawn GOODINGS 39:43 VW45-49 41.21 % F 32 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:32:55 24

The races that we will use for the 2018 championship are as follows:

Category 1: Parkrun

Doncaster Parkrun – 24 Feb 2018

Doncaster Parkrun – 16 June 2018

Scunthorpe Parkrun – 2 June 2018

Rother Valley – 25 August 2018

Category 2: 10k road race

Askern 10k  – 16 May 2018

Owston Ferry 10k – 1 July 2018

Doncaster 10K – 25 Nov 2018

Category 3: Half Marathon

Ackworth Half Marathon – 2 April 2018

North Lincolnshire Half Marathon Scunthorpe – 6 May 2018

Newark Half Marathon – 12 Aug 2018

Category 4: Trail run

Bawtry forest – TBC

Epworth Easter Egg 10k Trail race – 30 March 2018

Round Donny Run – 8 July 2018

Category 5: Other

Ward Green 6 – TBC

Norton 9 – 4th March 2018

The Trunce – 3 September 2018

Scores will be collated after each race and will be posted in the DAC Facebook groups. We hope to see a large DAC contingent at each of these races. Good luck!!

Club vests please.

If you wish to opt out please let us know