Results update 26 September 2019 – Trunce, Northern Road Relays, British Masters 10,000, Lady Bower 50 Mile, Epworth Tri and parkruns

The Trunce Race 9

Prize winners were Peter Wade, Malc Leggett, Julie Cull and Rose James. Peter 1st V60 over the season of 9 races. Malc 2nd V60 over the season. Julie 3rd V60 over the season and Rose 2nd Vet over the season. Looking at the overall results, Pete and Malc were 4th and 5th overall on points, Doncaster AC’s best ever Trunce results?

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16432Pete WadeVet Male 6000:33:5420Doncaster AC
23394Malcolm LeggettVet Male 6000:34:5919Doncaster AC
34100Rose JamesVet Female00:36:1118Doncaster AC
47021Peter OliverVet Male 6000:36:2418Doncaster AC
54485Marie-Louise TaylorVet Female00:43:4612Doncaster AC
66155Nick NewmanVet Male 5000:45:470Doncaster AC
76447Julie CullVet Female 6000:49:0017Doncaster AC
86671Janet PowellVet Female 5000:54:1712Doncaster AC
96458Nita EvansVet Female 5000:59:583Doncaster AC
106668Sandra MeakinVet Female01:11:590Doncaster AC
116439Michelle GuestVet Female 5001:12:400Doncaster AC

Northern Road Relays

Senior Ladies A – 21st overall

Leg 1Molly Butterworth22:43
Leg 2Jayne Baldwin24:47
Leg 3Jane Purchase25:30
Leg 4Lisa Fouweather26:49

Senior Ladies B – 63rd overall

Leg 1Rose James26:13
Leg 2Joanne Breeze33:59
Leg 3Tracy Land30:34
Leg 4Joanne Bentley31:15

Men A – 46th overall

Leg 1James Osborne 22:35
Leg 2Peter Badger 22:53
Leg 3Joe Phillips 23:28
Leg 4Dave Sedgwick 23:10
Leg 5Pete Tallents 23:57
Leg 6Chris Morran 24:21

Men B

Leg 1Martin James23:34
Leg 2Kevin Newman25:00
Leg 3Jon Buxton26:56
Leg 4Mick Page27:34
Leg 5Paul Cook26:27

U17 Men A – 25th overall

Leg 1Alex Mosley13:02
Leg 2Henry Cullen13:11
Leg 3Conner Anderson13:04

U17 Men B – 26th Overall

Leg 1Joe Warren12:47
Leg 2Adam Allam13:34
Leg 3Jack Pell12:58

U15 Girls – 42nd overall

Leg 1Millie Purchase14:26
Leg 2Callie Coates15:30
Leg 3Georgina Guttridge16:12

U15 Girls

Leg 1Sophie James17:14

U13 Girls – 39th overall

Leg 1Amy Dalowsky17:21
Leg 2Grace Setterington18:17
Leg 3Aalisa Watson18:38

U13 Boys – 34th overall

Leg 1Hugo Cullen15:54
Leg 2Adam Jones16:59
Leg 3Ethan Baker18:05

British Masters 10,000m track Championships

Kev Newman took the Gold medal in the British masters 10,000 metres track championships in South shields on 21 September. Bit warm for so far north!  He finished in a time of 38:52 which ranks him 4th in the UK V60.

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Lady Bower 50 Mile – 22 September 2019

Well done to Mariusz Felczerek – “This is what I call active Sunday 50 miles at Ladybower finished on the 2nd place with time 7:34:42, and I lost 3kg time to top up calories and fluids 🍗🍗🍺🍺🍺”

Penistone Hill Race – 22 September 2019

Another great run from Caroline Wheelhouse who completed this race in 58:57, finishing 1st FV60 and 34th overall.

Forest and Moors Half Marathon – 22 September 2019

Well done to Claire Sayles finishing in 100th place with a time of 3:04:17.

Epworth Triathlon – 22 September 2019

Great racing by our triathletes, some experienced and some new to the sport. This even was a counter in our club championships.

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Parkruns 21 September 2019

Wins for Jack PELL , Simon WRIGHT and Sophie TROTH .


353Susan HOOKWAY36:50VW40-4442.40 %F131Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:27:2973


26Matthew HARVEY23:00SM30-3456.23 %M23Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:22:338

Rother Valley

5Connor ANDERSON18:02JM15-1775.97 %M5Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:17:4943
44Marie-Louise TAYLOR22:13VW40-4470.82 %F4Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:21:0474
83Jo BENTLEY24:46VW45-4965.41 %F13Doncaster ACFirst Timer!1
137Julie CULL27:43VW60-6469.99 %F33Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:26:5087
138Martyn WALTER27:47VM55-5957.23 %M105Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:23:10134
196Philip HEPTINSTALL30:18VM40-4446.42 %M135Doncaster ACNew PB!8
197Natalie HEPTINSTALL30:18VW45-4952.42 %F62Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:24:299


8David WATTS20:08SM30-3465.15 %M8Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:19:5260


Kirsty LAING23:40SW30-3462.68 %F2Doncaster ACNew PB!75


1Jack PELL18:22JM15-1775.77 %M1Doncaster ACNew PB!62
17Millie PURCHASE23:03JW11-1468.19 %F2Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:21:5414
20Simon PARKIN24:17VM50-5460.74 %M17Doncaster ACNew PB!114
69Marc PELL32:09VM40-4443.75 %M43Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:31:1058

Castle Howard

86Bill TOPPING27:37VM70-7465.48 %M63Doncaster ACFirst Timer!228


1Simon WRIGHT17:41VM55-5986.90 %M1Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:17:0750
4Mariusz FELCZEREK19:12VM40-4471.61 %M4Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:18:1688
9Sophie TROTH19:38SW18-1975.64 %F1Doncaster ACNew PB!2
24Peter OLIVER21:15VM60-6475.45 %M23Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:21:0679
32Peter FORRESTER21:53VM60-6473.27 %M31Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:21:10180
43Phil BUSSEY22:33VM70-7479.16 %M41Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:20:0295
54Michael REYNOLDS23:16SM30-3456.38 %M51Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:22:3050
115Dawn GOODINGS25:48VW50-5464.99 %F12Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:25:2778
125Rebecca COATES26:13SW25-2956.45 %F16Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:22:1641
179David LAWRIE28:18VM70-7464.84 %M142Doncaster ACNew PB!4
180Janet POWELL28:22VW60-6467.45 %F38Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:28:0531
184Tiegan PATERSON28:30JW15-1753.68 %F39Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:23:1418
185Martin BOYD28:37VM55-5954.63 %M146Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:21:55166
208Peter BUTLER29:58VM60-6455.45 %M160Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:28:0267
233Julie GUEST31:31VW55-5958.22 %F63Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:28:39138
254Paul JOHNSTON32:28VM55-5947.33 %M181Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:24:5758
256David SMITH32:29VM40-4442.02 %M182Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:32:1010
272Michelle GUEST34:50VW55-5951.96 %F85Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:33:2871
279John ATKINS35:21VM35-3937.77 %M191Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:25:5526
281Lynette JENKINS35:29VW55-5950.35 %F89Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:32:3282
282Christopher WATERS35:42VM55-5944.16 %M193Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:29:0713
283Sharon WATERS35:43VW55-5952.82 %F90Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:33:0315
288Sue GREAVES36:09VW70-7462.61 %F94Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:31:5354
297Rosemary ARMSTRONG36:54VW75-7966.89 %F100Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:27:45128
307Kay BROWN37:26VW35-3940.61 %F107Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:27:0612
314Winifred COSTELLO38:15VW55-5948.63 %F111Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:33:0024
315Joshua BROWN38:23JM1041.12 %M204Doncaster ACFirst Timer!1
317Jake FISHER38:28JM1041.03 %M205Doncaster ACFirst Timer!1
319Toni FISHER38:31VW40-4439.94 %F114Doncaster ACFirst Timer!1
326Lesley SAXELBY40:11VW50-5441.73 %F121Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:40:012
331Dee SCHADE41:09VW60-6447.83 %F125Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:37:2237
340Claire WILSON43:58VW40-4435.52 %F131Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:32:2710
341Lynn OLSEN43:59VW50-5438.12 %F132Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:36:2215