Results update 28 March 2019 – Dark Skies, East Hull 20, Gainsborough 10k, Clumber Duathlon, Pabianice Half, TT and parkruns

166 performances logged by our endurance athletes in the last week!

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Spring Open Meeting  – Saturday 20th April 2019

Sandall Beat 10k          Wednesday 12th June 2019

Town Centre 5k             Wednesday 10th  July 2019

Sprint & Endurance Evening      Wednesday 18th September 2019

Cusworth 10k                Sunday 29th September 2019

Thursday 4th April – Bring your bling – You earned it, now show it off. Assuming the weather is good bring your race medals and -race t-shirts for Eddie Fletcher to capture our achievements on camera at the track. 6pm on 4 April. All that bling from Gainsborough, Dark Skies, Snake Lane or whatever you have done.

Dark Shies Ultra Marathon – 23 March 2019

Great running all, Barry and Martin decided this was not enough and ran the Gainsborough 10k the day after….

Martin Wilson wrote “This weekend has all been about running & making memories….

However it has also been about completing a challenge I vowed to complete for Jonny Pearce – still running for you JP💙💪

✓Saturday day 177mile drive
✓Saturday night Kielder Dark Skies 26.5mile ultra marathon
✓Early Sunday morning 177mile drive home
✓2hrs sleep
✓Gainsborough 10k
✓Beers with friends”

26.5 Miles

28Christopher Moran03:51:52M40
86Rebecca Henry-Brown05:25:19F50
247Barry Prowse06:15:37M
196Martin Wilson05:25:22M40

14 Miles

334Mike Cleasby3:05:54M40

East Hull 20 – 24 March 2019

George battled the always present wind at the East Hull 20.

2112:44:06George LaingM55

Pabianice Half Marathon – 23 March 2019

Another great run by Mariusz Felczerek who completed the Pobianice Half Marathon (Poland), finishing in 29th place (3rd V40) with a time of 1:21:27.

Gainsborough 10k – 24 March 2019

Diane wrote “Thankyou to Susan Beeby for organising the bus again. Thankyou to all the lovely Pacers for the support before , during and after the race. Also huge thankyou for the cake at the end. Very lucky to be part of such a friendly club ❤xx “

Lots of amazing performances with PB’s and course records. running and racing does not always go to plan and some people struggled, but massive respect and you will come back stronger.

Far to many PB’s to mention but I will mention our top 3 runners who all ran a PB, so well done Phil, Dave and Andrew.

Pos.Time Participant Category
1937:28:00Phil Whitehead(M) Senior
3238:28:00David Watts(M) Senior
3438:40:00Andrew Teasdale(M) Senior
11743:49:00John Joe Defty(M) Senior
11844:22:00Stuart Lindsay(M) Vet40
13245:03:00Craig Burton(M) Senior
16346:22:00Shaz Wood(F) Senior
17747:11:00Kirsty Laing(F) Senior
18047:15:00Kris Calvert(M) Senior
24750:04:00Glynn Jones(M) Vet50
25350:27:00John Sheerin(M) Vet45
27250:53:00Natalie Heptinstall(F) Vet45
27651:01:00Michael Reynolds(M) Senior
27751:01:00Daniel Powell(M) Senior
30651:03:00Janet Hampson(F) Vet40
31351:09:00Luke Osbon(M) Vet40
35753:16:00Wayne Cheesewright(M) Vet45
36353:30:00Jayne Beresford(F) Vet50
40555:20:00Michelle Ward(F) Senior
40655:21:00Diane Polwin(F) Vet45
42355:24:00Simon Hunter(M) Vet55
42555:13:00Mick Riley(M) Vet50
44856:34:00Julie Cull(F) Vet60
47056:55:00Dale Jerrum(M) Senior
48558:01:00Joanne Breeze(F) Vet45
48658:01:00Bill Topping(M) Vet70
49057:35:00Dawn Goodings(F) Vet45
50658:02:00Mick Hair(M) Vet50
53158:54:00Darren Lambert(M) Vet50
53659:27:00Kevin Waugh(M) Vet55
54059:04:00Claire Sayles(F) Senior
54159:08:00Martyn Walter(M) Vet55
54259:10:00Janet Powell(F) Vet55
54759:18:00Trevor Blake(M) Vet40
60301:02:48Claire Macleod(F) Vet45
60401:02:48Sarah Smith(F) Vet40
62001:02:38Davýd Moores(M) Vet50
63301:03:12Claire Whiteley(F) Senior
64201:03:40Vicky Royle(F) Vet45
64301:03:29Elaine Green(F) Vet50
66701:04:33Jeannette Walters(F) Vet60
68801:06:04Jayne Lambert(F) Vet45
68901:06:02Martyn Kellett(M) Vet55
71801:08:21Stuart Beeby(M) Vet55
71901:08:25Sue Beeby(F) Vet60
74001:10:01Christopher Waters(M) Vet55
74101:10:03Sharon Waters(F) Vet55
74301:09:43Yvonne Gibbon(F) Vet45
74501:09:53Rosemary Armstrong(F) Vet75
75001:11:23Mark Kenworthy(M) Vet50
75101:11:25Lynette Jenkins(F) Vet55
75501:11:20Sam Prowse(F) Vet40
76001:12:20Tracey Bark(F) Vet50
76101:12:18Paula Cheesewright(F) Vet45
76301:13:15Lynnette-Jane Temperton-Ball(F) Vet55
76501:12:34Karen Green(F) Vet45
77101:12:47Barry Prowse(M) Senior
77301:13:22Winifred Costello(F) Vet55
77401:13:30Susan Forbes(F) Vet60
78601:16:11Michelle Pitts(F) Vet55
78701:16:08Sue May(F) Vet55
79101:16:14Michelle Guest(F) Vet55
79201:16:14Claire Wilson(F) Vet40
79301:16:14Martin Wilson(M) Vet40
79501:16:32Anthony Wilkinson(M) Vet45
79601:16:43Sarah Machin(F) Senior
81301:20:07Kate Ball(F) Senior
82201:23:03Dee Schade(F) Vet60

Clumber Park Duathlon

In the Sprint event, well done to Jayne and Sean.

PosName CatTime R1T1BT2R2
76Jayne Baldwin(F) 50-5401:12:4920:3501:4238:39:0001:2610:27
Sean Poulter
(M) 55 -5901:13:5621:2901:1839:260:5810:36

In the standard event, well done Paul Beattie.

311 Paul Beattie (M) 55-592:43:1753:331:581:18:192:0227:18

Time Trial – 19 March 2019

Thank you to Roy Veall for 35 years of organising / being involved with our club time trial. I have vague memories of being an 11 year old and running for International Harvesters running club (Cantley Park training ground) and Roy and Mick Hill coaching me so i could compete in the South Yorkshire Cross Country League (32 years ago). Roy may be leaving the area having retired and as such tonight was his last winter time trial probably. Over the last 13 years I have taken part in the event many times to help me continually gauge my fitness and our time trial has played a big part in my own running development. So Thank you Roy and to all the other volunteers over the years at out time trial.

PlaceIntSurnameHandicapped TimeActual TimeHandicap
2 Laps
1 Lap

Parkruns 23 March 2019

Mariusz FELCZEREK was 1st to finish at Pabianice parkrun which he ran as a warm up for his half marathon on Sunday.

PB’s for Peter BUTLER , Peter BADGER , Henry CULLEN , Connor ANDERSON , Tammy CULLEN , Michael CULLEN , Wayne BRETT , Julie CULL, Karen LYNCH ,Wayne CODDINGTON, Warren INGRAM, Karen GUG ,
Samantha HILL , Vicky KEVERNE

At Doncaster 1st DAC runners were Simon WRIGHT and 1 st lady Karen LYNCH


122Peter BUTLER28:58VM60-6456.85 %M83Doncaster ACNew PB!61

Tees Barrage

219Mike CLEASBY28:45VM45-4949.33 %M162Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:24:48167


2Peter BADGER16:58VM40-4482.91 %M2Doncaster ACNew PB!127
4Henry CULLEN17:40JM15-1778.77 %M4Doncaster ACNew PB!24
5Connor ANDERSON17:52JM15-1776.68 %M5Doncaster ACNew PB!29
8Martin JAMES18:19VM40-4476.25 %M8Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:18:1095
67Hugo CULLEN23:24JM11-1465.38 %M62Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:22:089
79Rob PEACH23:48VM45-4960.01 %M71Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:23:27120
325Tammy CULLEN33:22VW40-4446.45 %F103Doncaster ACNew PB!4
326Michael CULLEN33:22VM40-4442.16 %M223Doncaster ACNew PB!4

Rother Valley

98Wayne BRETT24:43VM40-4455.23 %M87Doncaster ACNew PB!5
202Dawn GOODINGS28:38VW45-4957.86 %F51Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:28:3360
204Julie CULL28:44VW60-6467.52 %F53Doncaster ACNew PB!65
214Claire SAYLES29:08VW35-3951.95 %F58Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:28:5330
215Martyn WALTER29:09VM55-5954.09 %M157Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:23:10118
322Emma FERNANDEZ35:11VW40-4444.05 %F123Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:31:4639


26George LAING21:26VM55-5973.56 %M22Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:21:0395


45Lisa FOUWEATHER25:23JW15-1759.55 %F7Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:22:3015

Dolby Forrest

22Peter OLIVER22:14VM55-5971.51 %M17Doncaster ACFirst Timer!59

Podany (Poland)

1Mariusz FELCZEREK19:38VM40-4469.52 %M1Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:19:1775


4Simon WRIGHT19:01VM50-5480.11 %M4Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:17:0734
21Phil BUSSEY22:03VM70-7479.97 %M21Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:20:0277
22Pete WADE22:06VM60-6473.23 %M22Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:20:3298
30Karen LYNCH22:49VW40-4467.06 %F1Doncaster ACNew PB!6
32Simon PARKIN22:56VM45-4963.81 %M31Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:20:4797
47Rose JAMES24:26VW40-4462.62 %F2Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:22:08120
64Nick NEWMAN25:06VM55-5963.35 %M61Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:23:27131
84Wayne CODDINGTON26:25VM60-6460.69 %M77Doncaster ACNew PB!5
86Paul JOHNSTON26:39VM50-5457.16 %M79Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:25:5235
102Dale JERRUM27:39SM25-2946.65 %M89Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:26:512
105Justyna FELCZEREK27:44VW35-3954.57 %F15Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:22:5424
108Alexander FELCZEREK27:45JM1056.88 %M91Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:24:2514
120Marc PELL28:55VM40-4448.65 %M100Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:26:4450
135Warren INGRAM30:12VM40-4445.20 %M108Doncaster ACNew PB!4
150Martin BOYD31:00VM55-5950.43 %M117Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:21:55152
155Laura FRASER31:24VW40-4449.36 %F35Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:29:1341
159Kevin BRENNAN31:38VM60-6451.58 %M124Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:31:0515
164Keith LAWRENCE31:59VM60-6451.02 %M127Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:30:4223
174Isobel JENKINSON33:04SW20-2444.76 %F44Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:32:214
175Karen GUG33:06VW45-4949.45 %F45Doncaster ACNew PB!3
212Sue GREAVES37:22VW70-7459.59 %F69Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:31:5334
214Yvonne GIBBON37:45VW45-4942.91 %F71Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:32:1626
215Michelle GUEST37:46VW55-5947.93 %F72Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:34:0854
224Sarah MACHIN39:22SW25-2937.60 %F79Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:38:5915
225Samantha HILL39:28VW40-4439.27 %F80Doncaster ACNew PB!2
226Vicky KEVERNE39:33VW45-4940.16 %F81Doncaster ACNew PB!2
240Joanne REYNOLDS42:59VW35-3934.78 %F90Doncaster ACPB stays at 00:34:1421