Results update 28 September 2021 – Sheffield Half, GNR, Hornsea running festival, Ultra Races, ABP Coastal 10k and Fell races

Mariusz Felczerek has done some amazing racing in the last few weeks including the 2021 TDS Bourg-Saint-Maurice shortened race, where he completed the 55km route with 3700m elevation gain in 8:17:14.

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Stanage Struggle Fell Race 15th overall 5th age cat.

Maverick Race (Long Course – Marathon) – 3rd place, 3:41:00.

Justyna Felczerek also competed in the UTMB – OCC, where she completed the 56.3km route with 3476m elevation gain in 11:24:08.

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Maverick Race (Medium Course – 27km) – 32nd place, 3:14:56 .

Stanage Struggle

Mariusz Felczerek finished in 15th place with a time of 46:13.

Justyna Felczerek finished in 178th place with a time of 67:59.

Sheffield Half Marathon – 26 September 2021

1341Rebecca CoatesFS00:09:5300:48:5601:57:2101:52:29137
1342Lydia WiddicksFS00:09:5200:48:5701:57:2101:52:30138
2221Claire AngusFV5000:11:0200:54:0402:10:3102:01:2042
3285Julie CullFV6000:13:1201:04:5502:33:4302:24:3325
3288Claire SaylesFV4000:12:5101:06:4602:33:5002:26:05265
3635Martyn WalterMV6000:14:2201:17:1202:52:4602:43:29104
3762Michelle PittsFV5000:16:4401:24:5403:14:0503:04:49156
3763Sandra MeakinFV4000:16:4401:24:5303:14:0603:04:49343
4679Trevor BlakeMV4000:11:5400:59:312:22:292:13:19560
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Sheffield 10k – 26 September 2021

Jane King finished with a time of 1:29:34.

Hornsea running festival5 September 2021


Claire Angus 4:42:29 – 3rd lady

20 Miles

Lydia Widdicks 3:05:57 – 3rd lady

Rebecca Coats – 3:05:57

Trevor Blake – 3:18:25

Half Marathon

Angela Clarke – 2:22:14 – 3rd lady

Janet Powell – 2:28:59

Tammy Cullen – 2:33:38

May be an image of 8 people, including Angie Clarke, Janet Powell, Trevor Blake, Lydia Widdicks and Tammy Cullen Prev Parkin, people standing and outdoors

ABP Coastal 10k – 19 September 2021

Pos.Chip time Participant CategoryClub 
8042:16:00Paul Bond(M) Veteran 60+Doncaster AC
42351:57:00Trevor Blake(M) Veteran 40+Doncaster AC
58355:11:00Claire Beegan(F) Veteran 45+Doncaster AC
76959:31:00Tammy Cullen(F) Veteran 40+Doncaster AC
82201:00:56Marian Berner(F) Veteran 55+Doncaster AC
87401:02:47Martyn Kellett(M) Veteran 55+Doncaster AC
87501:02:47Karen Green(F) Veteran 50+Doncaster AC
105901:08:49Glynn Jones(M) Veteran 50+Doncaster AC
110701:11:36Jill Staves(F) Veteran 60+Doncaster AC
113701:13:17Sharon Heath(F) Veteran 50+Doncaster AC
120301:17:13Rosemary Armstrong(F) Veteran 70+Doncaster AC
125001:22:20Gill Hempstock(F) Veteran 50+Doncaster AC

Great North Run – 19 September 2021

NamePosFinish Time
Trevor Blake808301:56:05
Diane Risley1791402:19:15
Karen Lewchenko1099502:02:25
Kerry Mitchell2073802:27:08

The Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee

PlaceNameGenderCityDistance in MilesProgress
666Rebecca Henry-BrownFDoncaster648.44100.90%
828Stephen DaviesMDoncaster647.04100.60%
2416Sandra MeakinFDoncaster643.05100%
2443Claire SaylesFDoncaster643.04100%
2453Trevor BlakeMDoncaster643.03100%

Tissington Trail Half Marathon

Sunday – Tammy Cullen finished in 89th place with a time of 2:12:16

Saturday – Merv Christison finished in 9th place with a time of 1:30:01. Tracey Christison finished in 101st place with a time of 2:07:00.