Results update 31 May 2017 -Edinburgh Festival of Running, Nottingham 10k and parkruns

Entries are now open for our 2017 races – 5km Doncaster Road Races and the Cusworth 10k – click here.

The Road Rankings are being updated by Darren Wood and Sharon Maughan (thanks to both of them).

Edinburgh Festival of Running 2017

5km – 27 May 2017

I entered this race because I don’t get to do many road 5km races and I was travelling up to support Rose in the marathon.  Its a tough race, basically the first half climbing, then levelling out and a fast down hill finish.  1092 runners finished the race and I was pleased to finish second overall with a time of 18:11, not the time I was looking for but I did not know how hilly the race was going to be.

Marathon – 28 May 2017

Firstly I would like to mention that two of our most popular runners and club captains Darren Wood and Rose James had to pull out from the race, always a tough decision to make but got to look at the bigger picture, so well done for making the right call both.  You have both put the training in and will be strong for it going forward.  I know Sharon Maughan is grateful to her guide runner, he was unwell during the race but managed to guide Sharon to the end.

On Sunday Kate Willett and I ran our first full marathon at Edinburgh. Kate joined beginners last May and I joined the club at a similar time after Tracey Ellis persuaded me to do so during a conversation at Parkrun (thanks Tracey – I blame my achy legs on you!). I received a text from Kate in November saying she’d signed up for Edinburgh and did I fancy it. I’d had a glass of wine or two at the time so, of course, it sounded like a great idea and I signed up.

When we told Tony O’Connor (see his report for the 2016 Edinburgh at the bottom of this page) Half  he devised a training plan for us and we started in January running 10 miles and increasing by a mile per week. Tony ran with us each week despite not having a race to train for himself and we are both immensely grateful to him for his unwavering support.

It’s never warm on the bank holiday weekend and it’s colder up in Scotland, right? Ha! Friday was the hottest day in May in like a million years. It was quite cool when we started on Sunday morning and we were both feeling more excited than nervous which was a nice surprise as we both get quite nervous before races. The first couple of miles were good and we were running comfortably at a really good pace. Then the sun came out and it got really tough. We took water on at every station but it didn’t seem enough.

Eating shot blocks was awful as they just stuck in your mouth. Mile 15 was a killer as it was a long boring road, trees on both sides and no breeze. Our original plan was to run half together then to see how we felt as I knew Kate had it in her to be faster than me. But we were really keeping each other going so agreed to finish together and I’m so glad we did! We took turns in being positive “it’s only a 10k then a parkrun” “it’s just a road race” “just twice round the lake now”!

We crossed the finish line together in 4:28:38 which we were super pleased with as our original target was 4:30. The support from the local people was amazing – handing out water, jelly babies, sweets, beer (err, no thanks!) and playing music, giving high fives etc. And the marshals were awesome.

Thank you to all of our lovely running buddies at Doncaster AC for your advice and support during our training.  Report by Jody Savage

 Pos Name Time Cat
1180 George Laing 3:47:51 M55
3196 Kate Willet 4:28:38 F
3197 Jody Savage 4:28:38 F35
4194 Sharon Maughan 4:50:29 F45

Nottingham 10k – 28 May 2017

Glynn Jones wrote “So glad to have been and run the Nottingham 10k this morning. Fastest 10k of the year so far, lovely route to run nice bit of bling too”  Glynn finished in 737th place with a time of 51:55.

Liverpool Rock “N” Roll weekend

Awaiting Results – to be published separately.

Parkruns 27 May 2017

PB’s for Simon PARKIN, Laura VICKERS, Carrie WATSON, Naomi MCMAHON, Margaret BUTLER.

First timers were Dave BIRKETT, Roy TURTON, Sarah HURLEY, Katy TURNER, Trevor BLAKE, Vicki SHAW, Joanne PEACOCK.

Win for Simon WRIGHT at Doncaster.


135 Paul BROWN 31:00 VM65-69 54.09 % M 83 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:24:01 131 Member of the parkrun 100 Club

Tees Barrage

212 Mike CLEASBY 50:58 VM40-44 27.40 % M 129 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:24:48 80 Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo


27 Simon PARKIN 21:39 VM45-49 66.51 % M 25 Doncaster AC New PB! 59 Member of the parkrun 50 Club


228 Vicky ROYLE 28:21 VW45-49 56.55 % F 54 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:26:54 37
379 Sophie ROYLE 35:41 JW15-17 42.88 % F 139 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:34:31 11 Member of the parkrun 10 Club

Rother Valley

17 Nicola DEVINE 19:42 SW25-29 75.13 % F 2 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:18:54 96 Member of the parkrun 50 Club
23 Phil WHITEHEAD 21:08 SM25-29 61.04 % M 21 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:21:05 111 Member of the parkrun 100 ClubStrava logo
119 Laura VICKERS 28:08 VW35-39 53.14 % F 29 Doncaster AC New PB! 7
120 Carrie WATSON 28:09 SW30-34 52.93 % F 30 Doncaster AC New PB! 16
254 Mark CAWOOD 47:13 VM40-44 29.79 % M 136 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:42:34 36

Pegwell Bay

18 Dave BIRKETT 21:20 VM55-59 72.66 % M 17 Doncaster AC First Timer! 14 Strava logo


32 Ben METCALFE 23:34 JM11-14 61.53 % M 31 Doncaster AC PB stays


1 Simon WRIGHT 17:11 VM50-54 87.97 % M 1 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:17:07 10
9 Peter BADGER 19:12 VM40-44 72.14 % M 9 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:17:43 82 Member of the parkrun 50 ClubStrava logo
13 Paul Anthony BOND 19:58 VM55-59 78.96 % M 13 Doncaster AC New PB! 5
21 Luke OSBON 21:34 VM35-39 62.36 % M 21 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:21:05 7 Strava logo
22 Edward PHILLIPS 21:35 JM11-14 68.88 % M 22 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:20:16 74 Member of the parkrun 50 Club
40 Marie-Louise TAYLOR 23:08 VW40-44 67.00 % F 2 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:21:22 47 Strava logo
53 Nick NEWMAN 23:52 VM55-59 65.50 % M 49 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:23:27 54 Member of the parkrun 50 Club
79 Rob PEACH 25:48 VM40-44 54.52 % M 71 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:24:26 74 Member of the parkrun 50 Club
85 Naomi MCMAHON 26:23 VW35-39 56.85 % F 10 Doncaster AC New PB! 2
92 Bill TOPPING 26:43 VM65-69 65.25 % M 79 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:24:14 124 Member of the parkrun 100 Club
110 Roy TURTON 27:39 VM50-54 53.35 % M 92 Doncaster AC First Timer! 1
131 Margaret BUTLER 28:44 VW55-59 64.73 % F 29 Doncaster AC New PB! 12
133 Daniel BOYD 28:47 JM11-14 49.28 % M 103 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:24:34 42 Member of the parkrun 10 Club
134 Martin BOYD 28:47 VM55-59 53.39 % M 104 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:21:55 108 Member of the parkrun 100 Club
150 Sarah HURLEY 29:41 SW30-34 50.20 % F 38 Doncaster AC First Timer! 1
163 Peter BUTLER 30:43 VM60-64 53.12 % M 120 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:29:43 9
171 Julie GUEST 31:03 VW50-54 56.79 % F 46 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:28:39 75 Member of the parkrun 50 Club
175 Rose FELLS 31:43 VW45-49 51.60 % F 50 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:31:43 40
190 James FLANAGAN 33:10 JM11-14 46.13 % M 129 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:28:32 7
201 Katy TURNER 34:58 SW20-24 42.33 % F 69 Doncaster AC First Timer! 1
218 Trevor BLAKE 36:33 VM35-39 37.07 % M 137 Doncaster AC First Timer! 1
219 Vicki SHAW 36:37 VW40-44 42.01 % F 82 Doncaster AC First Timer! 1
229 Joanne PEACOCK 39:32 VW35-39 37.94 % F 91 Doncaster AC First Timer! 1 Strava logo
237 Samantha ROBINSON 43:43 SW30-34 33.89 % F 95 Doncaster AC PB stays at 00:41:59 2


Edinburgh Festival of Running 2016 – Tony O’Connor

For the 2016 Edinburgh half marathon I decided to stay at Drummohr camp site Musselburgh.

It is well organised for the EMF as it lays on transport for both half and full marathons dropping off at the bagging area.  We arrived Friday and had fish and chips for a supper.

Saturday was a walk into Musselburgh to reccy the Finnish and find a bakery for cakes and bread for tea.

The camp site was filling up with all the athletes and families on our return.

Our friends from form Doncaster arrived and we had chat and got organised for the big event and booking the mini bus. Transport is £8 and leaves 6.30 for the half and 7.30 for the full.

I arrived at the start area with plenty of time to spare and the weather was fair. The year before it was raining and I decided to run in a jacket, it was a wrong decision as the rain stopped 15 minutes into the race so I got a little bit warm. There is plenty of coffee shops near the start so with time to spare a nice Latin  went down well. The bagging area is on a par with London so after dropping my bag off it is short walk down to the start. I was starting from London Road and I was starting well back conveniently next to the loo. There never seems to be enough loos on these events but chip timing is a bonus when the que is still 10 deep when the gun goes off.

The race went well. I managed to keep a steady 9min pace and had a hill at 7 miles.

The course goes through Musselburgh and along the coast road which rises very slightly.

A mile or more the course returns to the Finnish at Musselburgh. I found the slight downhill leg to my advantage and found good strong pace of 7.5 min mile from somewhere and finished with time of 1hr 57min which I was well pleased with.

I met Bill and Hazel MacDonald, my friends from my army days and returned to the camp.

After a shower and some lunch, the race passes the camp site and I was able to watch and support my friends as they passed.

On the way home we decided to have a look at Northumbria. We stayed a Beadnell bay for 3 days and enjoyed it very much.

The camp site is a lovely 2 mile walk into Sea houses where we were able to catch a boat out to The Farne Islands. The islands wild life was in full swing. Puffins, terns, razorbills and more all with their fledglings. You needed you hat on as they are very protective of their young and a peck on your head hurts.

The pub in the village was dog friendly and the food was very good and plenty.

Having enjoyed our trip to Northumbria, when a the Castle half/full marathon was advertised in October I couldn’t resist. Back to Beanell bay. Obligatory fish and chips on arrival after setting up camp in Sea houses. The race starts in Banburgh castle. It is not a big event with maybe only 100 for the full marathon and 300 for the half. The start was a bit chaotic and delayed by 15 with timing problems but off we went down hill out off the impressive castle. Not good when you stood around in the cold and would of preferred to have warmed up.

I manage to keep a pace of just over 9 min miles. I was caught by a young man complaining about his music who sprayed with me up to 7 mile point. He said “are we going then” meaning shall we speed up. I told him I was comfortable at this pace. He stayed with me up to the 10 mile point and found a bit more speed and left him. I finished 2.00.01 but I’m not sure if they got the timing fixed but still happy with the time. The young man that kept with me came and shook my hand and said thank you. He had knocked 12 minutes of he’s PB. Obviously going out to Quickly.

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