Due to a national increase in Covid 19 infections our procedures at the Club on Saturdays, Tues and Thursday evenings have been revised to eliminate any further risk, these measures will take place with immediate effect:

1. Members of the public who are none members or not accompanying a member will not be allowed on site.

2. The main gate will be locked as soon as all members are on site.

3. The toilets will remain locked but opened when needed by members only, with only one person in the toilet area at a time.

4. On arrival at the site members must book in and then remain in the shot throwing area to be collected by their respective coaches.

5. All members will be required to complete a track and trace return, with no exceptions so that we can maintain an up to date register in the event of an outbreak.

6. All members must sanitise their hands on entry to the site, the sanitizer is on the table near the gate or you can used the one on the wall near the office door.

7. Wherever possible only coaches should remove items from the equipment room, which must be cleaned before and after use. Where this is not practical, such as carrying starting blocks the person carrying them must also clean them before and after use.

8. If any member is unwell please do not attend the site for training. In the event of a positive covid trace the member’s coach or a club official must be notified immediately.

Club Directors

Revised 11th September 2020