Road League #2 – Worsbrough – Wednesday 13 April

Race starts at 7pm, please arrive in plenty of time.  Lets build on the excellent start following the first race.

Free parking is available – see this link for the location.

Message about next fixture at Worsborough 13 April:

Can you please tell your runners the following;

  1. Parking is free at Worsboro’ Mill
  2.  When Mill park is full go to next turn right and Marshal’s will direct you.
  3. Don’t park on course which is left at pub.
  4. You may park up the steep hill towards Ward Green.
  5. Portable toilets are in the WMC car park and in the club.
  6. Runners should keep on the footpath down the A61 from Birdwell to the finish.  This is a fast road, the pavement is wide and level.
  7. When they have finished, follow the path back to the car park and not cause a problem near the officials by shouting and blocking the route for slower runners.
  8. The WMC will be open for a drink and a chat.