Rovers home game on Tuesday

It is with regret that I have to announce that on Tuesday night a number of the parking stewards, at the entrance to number 2 car park, which we use were abused. Things came to a head when one of our members chose to ignore instructions, and drove over the foot of one of the parking officials who had to be taken to hospital. This is now subject of a police enquiry, cctv footage will probably identify the offending person.

This has brought significant embaressment and shame on our Club, we had to work hard to reach agreement to use the car park, which may now be at risk. It would help if the person responsible identified themselves, to perhaps avoid prosecution in the future.

Needless to say, Rovers are at home on Tuesday, next week, we have no option but to limit training, as much as possible. There will therefore be no tuck shop open and no registration. Parking will be in car park 4 only, no parking will be allowed in car park 3 for our members. Under 11s indoor training will still go ahead but not at the track. Senior coaching teams may still train but at their own risk.

I urge all members to act responsibly.

Kev Lincoln