South Yorkshire Cross Country match 3 Results – Kiveton 17 November 2019

The course was flooded so had to be changed at the last minute, tough running which builds character! Great running by our members and the junior team is in 3rd place in the league and the senior team is in 5th place overall when looking at all the teams in league 1 and league 2. Both looking very good and stronger than last year, and our senior team should get promotion this year. So we need a good turnout at the last fixture on the 8 December 2019. Numbers available at the cabin for £8.

U11 Girls
102677:57FrancescaFreemanFU11Doncaster AC
132727:57IsabellaHuckFU11Doncaster AC
142437:57FlorenceNobleFU11Doncaster AC
172197:57MollyCockettFU11Doncaster AC
192667:57AimeeSmithFU11Doncaster AC
U11 Boys
62267:33JoeWooluiscroftMU11Doncaster AC
72127:40AlexFelczerekMU11Doncaster AC
122338:13MaxFoxMU11Doncaster AC
152209:40BenjenSeymourMU11Doncaster AC
U13 Girls
1027116:40EliseHutchinsonFU13Doncaster AC
1426517:38LillyAukerFU13Doncaster AC
1522918:19AalisaWatsonFU13Doncaster AC
U15 Girls
1122414:42JesicaRowlandFU15Doncaster AC
1223615:26CallieCoatesFU15Doncaster AC
1424815:44SophieJamesFU15Doncaster AC
1525216:15MilliePurchaseFU15Doncaster AC
Under-20, Senior and Veteran Ladies
2426435:06LisaFouweatherFU20Doncaster AC
2925136:16JanePurchaseFV55Doncaster AC
3524637:57RoseJamesFV35Doncaster AC
5225441:23TracyLandFV45Doncaster AC
5321341:41JustynaFelczerekFV35Doncaster AC
6227343:55DawnGoodingsFV45Doncaster AC
7121846:14JulieCullFV55Doncaster AC
7623548:27ClaireMacleodFV45Doncaster AC
9525365:58SusanForbesFV55Doncaster AC
U17 Men
3124327:50GeorgeRowlandMU17Doncaster AC
4124628:14HenryCullenMU17Doncaster AC
6124529:22AlexMoseleyMU17Doncaster AC
9126231:02ConnorJamesMU17Doncaster AC
Under-20, Senior and Veteran Men U-65
1824038:25PeterBadgerMV40Doncaster AC
1923838:39SimonWrightMV50Doncaster AC
3126840:20AndrewTeasdaleMSDoncaster AC
3724741:39MartinJamesMV40Doncaster AC
4021542:00KevinNewmanMV60Doncaster AC
9024549:08PaulBondMV60Doncaster AC
9624450:01MarkWebsterMV40Doncaster AC
9927450:15StuartLindsayMV40Doncaster AC
10224250:31SimonParkinMV50Doncaster AC
10421651:09PeteWadeMV60Doncaster AC
12725757:15NickNewmanMV50Doncaster AC
12823958:12MartinWilkinsonMV40Doncaster AC