South Yorkshire Road League 2016 – Important information!

You can now pay for your number at the cabin, they are £10 and you keep the number for all 4 races.  The cost has increased because the organisers are having to provide portable toilets at all the venues now, but at only £2.50 a race its still excellent value.

Doncaster AC has only been allocated 30 numbers and it is unlikely we will get any more, numbers are now capped.  In addition you must get your number in advance, we are not allowed to sell them after 1 week before the first race so please don’t miss out.

If you have reserved a number please call at the cabin with your details and £10.  You must have paid your membership to get a number.

The following information is copied from the SYCAA website:

General information

All races start at 7.00 p.m.  This year there will be NO guest runners, sorry. There will be no numbers given out on the day by me so please if you are running you MUST get a number from your club at least a week before the first race as your club must send in an entry declaration. There is a limit of 500 numbers issued and no more will be available. Club contacts have been sent an allocation and once that has gone there will be no more … so be early. The numbers this year are £10 each.  Please carry out any instructions from race marshals so we can enjoy the competition without causing problems for local residents and other road users.

Wednesday, 30th March  Three Merry Lads, Lodge Moor, Sheffield

From the A61, take the A57, pass the University and Weston Park. Leave the A57 at the sign for Claremont Hospital and continue on this road. There is a large car park on the left just beyond the Sportsman PH. Please do not park at the Sportsman and only park at the Three Merry Lads if you are staying after the race. There are toilets there and there should be four portaloos.You could go beyond the start but do not park on the road used for the race.

Wednesday, 13th April        Worsboro’ Mill, Barnsley

From M1 at Jnct 36, come down the A61 and the mill is on the left. There is some parking in the Mill car park and the overspill on the other side of the road on the grass area. After the Mill car park turn right and the parking is on the right. Do not park on the course but you can park on the steep hill from the pub towards Ward Green. Toilets are in the club and there should be portaloos in the car park. Keep off the main road and assemble in the side street near the club.

Wednesday, 27th April     Brodsworth Village

Leave the A1 at Jnct 37, at Marr take the road to Brodsworth Hall and continue to Brodsworth Garden Centre where there is parking. This will be open until 9pm. The start is in the village so no parking there.  Toilets are in the garden centre and the pub. The finish is as before but we are not using the muddy trackon the Country Park, just a short stretch. The finish is 400m. from the Garden centre. Only park at the pub if you are staying for a meal. Park in the garden centre and move to the pub after the race if you are staying.

Wednesday, 11th May Penistone Football Club

The football club is in the centre of Penistone near the Railway Station. There is some parking at the club, as directed by marshals and plenty of free car parks in the town. Toilets are in the football ground. The presentations will be made as soon as possible in the club house. If you are a winner please stay to collect your prize or ask someone to collect it for you.