End of Season Sprint/Endurance Evening Wednesday 19 September 2018


Approx timetable
Start times
6.00pm 1500msc.
6.15pm 100m / 75m
7.00pm 800m /600
7.30pm 200m
8.00pm mile

Long jump
6.00pm U11 boys
6.30pm senior-u17
6.50pm u11g
7.30pm u15 girls/boys.
8.00pm u13 girls/boys


Online entries Here

Entry Form.  Not postal entries, needs to be handed in to the office at the track.

Join us for an excellent evening of sprint & endurance! As well as competitive races for all abilities we showcase the club and the region’s finest talent with the highlight of the evening being the Doncaster Mile with trophies to give away.

We also have long jump on the program.

The extensive programme of events starts at 18.00, with all the results appearing live on the video wall, bringing you closer to the action. Electronic timing, including photo finish is provided to ensure accurate results and to help separate athletes in grippingly close finishes! The Doncaster Mile will be the last event, drawing the evening to an exciting finish.


Order of Events
6pm Start
Track order of events Long jump order of events
U17s – Vet Women 1500m steeplechase Senior / U20 Men Long Jump
U17s – Vet Men 1500m steeplechase Senior / U20 Women Long Jump
Senior / U20 Men 100m U11 G Long Jump
Senior / U20 Women 100m U11 B Long Jump
U17 M 100m U17 M Long Jump
U17 W 100m U17 W Long Jump
U15 B 100m U15 B Long Jump
U15 G 100m U15 G Long Jump
U13 B 100m U13 B Long Jump
U13 G 100m U13 G Long Jump
U11’s 75m
Senior / U20 Men 800m 4 Trials for U17s – Seniors
Senior / U20 Women 800m 3 Trials for U11s – U15s
U17 M 800m
U17 W 800m
U15 B 800m
U15 G 800m
U13 B 800m
U13 G 800m
U11’s 600m
Senior / U20 Men 200m
Senior / U20 Women 200m
U17 M 200m
U17 W 200m
U15 B 200m
U15 G 200m
U13 B 200m
U13 G 200m
Senior / U20 / U17 Men / Women Doncaster Showcase Mile