Regular Coaches

All these coaches can be found regularly at our Taster Sessions for non-members.

Les Grant

Les is an experienced coach who holds the responsibility for Inclusion and Assessment within our Athlete Progression Pathway that means he is the perfect candidate for making sure athletes are ready to leave the Saturday Club and join the mainstream coaching groups. Les usually coaches the older athletes attending but can often be found coaching on the track.

Eric Whitehead

A proud member of the club for many years, Eric is not afraid to get his hands dirty and get on with the job, his hands on approach and great kindness are what make him a coach who can engage the most timid athletes into the sport. At the Saturday Club, he can normally be found coaching Jumps.

Barry Barnes

If you want to be a distance runner, Barry is your man! A highly knowledgable coach, Barry has run our StarTrack events in the past, so you can tell he’ll be the right man to steer new athletes in the right direction. When at the Saturday Club, Barry tends to coach middle distance and cross country, but has been known to conduct throwing sessions too.

Alice Howe

Alice is an athlete and our up and coming coach, as well as teaming up with Dan in the past she’s coached many sessions alone and is beginning to bring her own experiences as an athlete to the sessions, giving a great insight where our older coaches cannot.

Becca Scott

A very experienced athlete who has competed in all manner of events, just starting out in the world of coaching but she is keen and caring, and with every bit of experience she gains she’s moving forwards in the world of coaching.

Dan Winmill is at University, but he’ll be back during the holidays

Barely older than the Saturday Club athletes and usually not taller, Dan is more experienced as a sprinter but still has 2 years of coaching under his belt. He tends to coach the athletes through games based around the Fundamental skills crucial to building all-round athletes.