YDL UAG Fixture 4

Sunday 28th July 2013

At Hull

Below is the list of athletes that have been chosen to represent the club at the forthcoming fixture. If for any reason you are unable to attend please inform the team managers/reception immediately in order that a substitute can be found.

Unless you have been advised otherwise please note that you are required to arrive at the venue & report to a team manager.

                                    Field events start at:                11:15

                                    Track events start at:               11:30

Coaches have has been arranged for those selected athletes, officials & parents/guardians that have requested transport. The coaches will leave the Vue Cinema car park at 09:15.



Chloe Bewley
Nicole Bewley
Megan Blackburn
Lucy Chappell
Abi Cliff
Alice Howe
Lauren Howe
Emily Jones
Morgan McAnulty
Emma Nixon
Nicole Norton
Rebecca Scott
Georgina Weston
Josephine Wright

Lewis Bubb
Matthew Bubb
Jake Canning
Jamie Canning
Keifus Creaser
James Devaney
Daniel Hardman
James Harker
Bertie Houghton
Harry Houghton
Tom Kirk
Steven Lambourne
Ash Langton
Oliver Langton
Joe McGrath
Luke Matchett
Simon Pick
Brandon Silcox
Kallum Silcox
Kye Stothard
Callum Wilson
Dan Winmill

Sharon Langton          Elaine Scott                 Terry Winmill

07909 857712             07546 244361             07706 986818