2020 DAC Award Winners

Awards Night – 2020

Saturday Junior Club Under 8s Awards:

Mia Kelly / Taylah Sales / Charlotte Moore.

George Wood/ Oscar McGuinness/ Archie Carey

Under 11s Awards:

Liam Richardson/Angus Jones/Ben Seymour

Asher Seymour/ Imogen Horsman/ Freya Barras.

Disability Awards.

Male: William Baxter

Female: Leaha Dixon

Youth Development League (Lower) Awards:

Attended 3 matches:

Tayen Perkins/Connie Boyd/Phoebe Cooper/Amy Dalowski (u13 girls)

Annalise Cowling/Sophie James/Millie Purchase/ Tilly Boyd (u15 girls)

Archie Cole/Daniel Reeve/Nathan Kadejo (u13 boys)

Kole Marsden/Ben Liversedge (u15 boys).

Attended 4 matches:

Ellie Barnes/ Lilly Aucker (u13 girls)

Callie Coates/Lexi Proudley/Trinity Dooley-Williams/Amy Cotton (u15 girls)

Josh Boyer/Adam Jones/Ethan Baker/Hugo Cullen/Scott Jackson (u13 boys)

Josh Copeman/Alex Hodkinson (u15 boys).

Youth Development League (Upper) Awards:

Attended 2 matches:

Niamh Latibeudier (U17w)

Lisa Fouweather (U20w)

Adam Allan/ Eddie Cassidy/ Henry Cullen/ Nathan Mitchell-Greenwood/ George Rowland/ Joe Warren (U17m)

Sam Botterill/ Nathan Langley Maximum events both matches/ Regan Langley/ Joe Phillips.

Attended 3 matches:

Aaliyah Cawley/Eleanor Kealey Maximum 4 events/ Tiegan Patterson/ Maia Wilkinson Maximum 4 events. (u20w)

Charlotte Mills/ Rosie Eves (U20w)

Joe Clemitshaw Maximum events/ Kieran Lambert/ Alex Moseley/ Jordan Poulston. (U17m)

Phillip Clarke (u20m)

Northern League

Attended 3 matches:

Nathan Greenwood- Mitchell/ Alex Mosely/ James Osbourne/ Martin James/ Kevin Mira/ Henry Cullen.

Rosie Eves/Maia Wilkinson/ Sharron Wood/ Rose James.

Attended 4 matches:

Nathan Langley/ Peter Badger/ Joe Phillips/Regan langley/ Rhys Jackson/Adam Allam.

Lisa Fouweather.

SY Cross Country Awards

Under 11s.

Francesca Freeman/ Isabella Huck/ Molly Cockett/ Aimee Smith.

Joe Wooliuiscroft/Alex Felczerek/ Buddy Wheeler.

Special Award for total commitment Aimee Smith.

Under 13s.

Adam Jones.

Elise Hutchinson/ Lilly Aucker/ Aalisa Watson.

Under 15s.

Jessica Rowland/ Callie Coates/ Millie Purchase/Sophie James. Georgia Guttridge.

Under 17s.

George Rowland/ Henry Cullen/ Alex Moseley/ Connor James.

Under 20s.

Andrew Teasdale

Female Vet 35.

Rose James/ Justyna Felczerek

Male vet 40.

Peter Badger/ Mariuz Felczerek/ Martin James

Female vet 45.

Tracy Land/ Claire Mcleod

Male vet 50.

Simon Wright/ Simon Parkin/ Nick Newman

Female vet 55.

Susan Forbes.

Male vet 60.

Kevin Newman/ Pete Oliver/ Pete Wade.

Inter Counties Track and Field Championships

Joshua Copeman/ Scott Jackson/ Josh Boyer/ Callie Coates/ Phoebe Cooper, Ellie Barnes.

Club endurance awards for demonstrating commitment to training and competition:

Millie Purchase and Joe Warren

Endurance Club Championships

Mens Awards.

Henry Cullen/ Connor Anderson/ Jack Pell

Andrew Teasdale/ George Phillips/ Joe Phillips

Adam Cotterill/ James Osborne/ Michael Reynolds

Peter Badger/ Martin James/ Mariusz Felczereck

Mervyn Christison/ George Laing/ Nick Newman

Pete Wade/ Malcolm Leggett/ Peter Oliver

Phil Bussey/ Bill Topping

Ladies Awards:

Rebecca Coates/ Lucy Crayston.

Shaz Wood/ Justyna Felczerek/ Kirsty Laing.

Marie Louise Taylor/Rose james/ Natalie Heptinstall.

Dawn Goodings/ Jane Purchase/ Janet Powell.

Julie Cull/ Margaret Butler/ Caroline Wheelhouse

Rosemary Armstrong/ Sue Greaves

Club Captains Awards.

Susan Beeby – Excellent work in managing beginners group.

Becky HB – Organising away runs to Ireland and Benidorm

Chris Cull – Taking thousands of photographs at races attended by our members.

Martin James

John Mchale Awards:

George Laing/ Claire Sayles

Club Ultra Running Awards:

Ultra Performance of the Year: Simon Jennings/ Mariusz Felczerek/ Peter Vickers.

Ultra Runner of The Year: Becky HB

Goat Award: Simon Jennings

Pacers of The Year Awards

Chris Cull – as a non runner lifting the spirits of runners in all weather.

Julie Cull – a valuable LIRF always encouraging others.

Sandra Meakin – An amazing club runner who has progressed from Beginners to Half Marathon within 9 months.

Sarah Smith – A professional caring LIRF supportive of others.

Susan Beeby – made new members so welcome, awesome extremely supportive.

Martin Walters – Big heart of gold, huge source of help and inspiration.

Claire Beegan – Never leaves anyone out, makes new members extremely welcome.

Angie Stanley – Taking over interval training and encourage others when the going gets tough.

Elaine Green – an inspiration with her grit and determination and a great ambassador for Pacers and DAC.

Claire Sayles – progress in 2019 has been phenomenal and her achievements simply awesome.

Lynn Olsen –  a total inspiration, never gives up and has an infectious positive attitude.

Glynn Jones – a fabulous lirf supporting everyone aiming to meet the needs of all around him.