2021 Endurance Club Championships

The 2021 Club Championships

Anyone who knows me and the club will understand this is a fun inclusive competition which all members are encouraged to take part in. All abilities are respected and you can walk or run these challenges. Whatever you do please take part and join in the fun. I admire those who find running more difficult and still have a go at these competitions than perhaps those who take more naturally to running, but at the same time I think its fantastic we can support and be pleased to see the club’s runners of all abilities getting some amazing times. A 15 minute mile to a 5 minute mile, its all good and to be celebrated.

2 Events each month which will start on the first day of the month and end on the last day of the month. You can run both events or run 1 of them. If you run both events then we will take your highest scoring event of the 2 to allocate your points for that month, the points from the other event will be discarded.

Unless stated otherwise the runs should start and finish close together (within 5% of the distance, so if its 5km you should finish within 250m of the start point). This is to remove performance advantages gained from the wind and downhill runs.

Multi-lap courses are acceptable but not around tall buildings which may interfere with GPS devices. The Keepmoat stadium causes GPS errors.

Off road means any unpaved route so grass, gravel, mud, stone. The lovely tarmac Trans-Pennine trail or the Woodfield Cycleway (Behind B&Q) or other tarmac cycleways are not considered to be off road, they could be used for road challenges.

When real races start up again they will start to be included.

Bonus points to be allocated for helping out at DAC organised races (road / trail / track) (15 points per event (maximum of 60 points).

Bonus points to be allocated for hitting mileage milestones. 500, 1000, 1500, 2000. 20 points for each milestone.


We will use 10-year age groups, the same as this year. Men and women scored separately. U17 age group for juniors (to be supervised by adults).

January events

Run 5km on any outside terrain – Click here to submit your time

Run as far as you can in 12 minutes – Click here to submit your distance

February events

Run the Town Field Time Trial <<Click for info on the event (3 Laps) – Click here to submit your time

Run 2 miles on any outside terrain – Click here to submit your time

March Events

Run 10km on any outside terrain – Click here to submit your time

Racecourse gallop (tarmac) – run from the end of the grass – near the bottom of Town Moor Avenue (so start on the grass) along Leger Way and then along the straight mile road to the end where Sandall Beat carpark. (map to be provided). – Click here to submit your time

Map here

May be an image of road and street

April Events

Run 5 miles off road – Can be point to point of out and back. Off road means off tarmac (so grass / trails are fine) – Click here to submit your time

Run your fastest mile (no rules other than not around the Keepmoat stadium unless we set out a measured mile again). Pick a downhill route with the wind behind you! – Click here to submit your time

May events

Run 10 Miles on any outside terrain – start and finish close together – Click here to submit your time

Run the measured mile at the Keepmoat, the Calvin Dodd memorial mile – Click here to submit your time

We are extending the Calvin Dodd memorial mile until the 15 June. You must run 2 and a half laps (approximatley) – Follow the white line, clockwise. Ignore the garmin distance, how long will it take you to run the measured mile around the white line. Start near the track at the yellow line, Finish at the statue at the yellow line. See photos and map. Garmins are not accurate on this route, we have measured the mile with a wheel.

June Events

Run a half marathon – start and finish within 1 mile of each other – Submit here

**EXTENDED to 15 July** Run as far as you can in 12 minutes, start and finish close together – Submit here

July Events

Run any official parkrun course at a parkrun venue. If the course has changed do the pre covid course (so the old 3 lap one at Sandall Park, Doncaster). You can have multipal goes. And towards the end of the month fingers crossed you might actually beable to to it for real (in this case do the course as organised by parkrun, so the new course at Doncaster).- Submit here

August Events

The Norton 9 – https://www.askerndrc.org/2021/05/22/delayed-2021-norton-9-entries-open/

Run any official parkrun in the month. Click here to submit

September Events

Hall Cross TimeTrial (5km) – 2 dates available 14 September and 23 September

Run any half marathon on any terrain in September. The race must appear on your Runbritain profile and it must have a UKA race licence. Form here

October Events

Any official parkrun in the month – Click here to submit

Leeds Abbey Dash – 24 October 2021 – Enter Here

November Events

Any official parkrun in the month

Doncaster 10k – 28 November 2021

Decmeber Events

Any official parkrun in the month

Points to be scored as follows

The fastest will score 100 points and the slowest will score 25 points. All the others are scored evenly between 25 and 100. For example, if 6 ladies took part the scores would be 25, 40, 55, 70, 85 and 100. If 4 took part then it would be scored 25, 40, 75, 100.

Age grade

We also intend to present the leader board showing the age grade order as well as points order.

Best 10 out of 12

Its hard to race every month so we will take your best 10 months out of the year.

2022 Proposal:

January 2022 – Run our 5km time trial anytime during the month

February 2022 – Your fastest Parkrun of the month

6 March 2022 – Norton 9

20 March 2022 – Wakefield 10km

1 May 2022 – North Lincolnshire Half Marathon

1 May 2022 – North Limcolnshire 5km

18 May 2022 – Askern 10k

5 June 2022 – Goole River Bank Challenge