*** 2Km Fun Run, Thursday 29th August Keepmoat Stadium – Race starts 6pm ***

John Mayock and Sebastian Coe, are organising 2km fun runs nationwide as part of the Olympic Legacy in encouraging more children to excercise

On Thursday 29th August we will be hosting the run in Doncaster.

The run will start in our stadium at 6pm after a brief warm up at 5.45pm. Entry is free with tee shirts for the finalists and numbers etc will be provided. Members & non-members are welcome!

The run will start with one lap of the track then out to the left at our gate passing the container and five a side, round onto the grassy hill and onto the path bordering the hill to the back fo the stadium returning to finish in our stadium, The car park outside our gate will be taped off and we will need marshalls. It will mean a slight inconvenience to training but we should be finished for 7pm.

Would all coaches encourage their athletes to take part.

We will need a few marshalls if coaches or other members are free.- please contact Kev Lincoln