Adie Ward Profile

Name: Adie Ward                                                    Grade: Athlete Coach or level 2

Specialist Disciplines:  Sprints-Endurance-Hurdles- All Jumps and Throws

Age Groups:  10 to 65

Training Days: Tuesday & Thursday    1815 to 1945

Monday & Saturday are invitation only sessions

Years coaching:  Two

Sporting Background:

It all started at the age of six and I think I’ve just about tried most sports from Tae-kwon-do, football, swimming, cricket, rugby and Cross country running etc. At the age of thirteen I became black belt in Tae-kwon- do.  Rugby League was the sport that captured my heart and for twelve years playing at local and district level, whilst playing for Doncaster Toll bar the fitness trainer was an athletics coach teaching us the fundamentals of athletics we also used the local track facilities for speed work.  Throughout my time in Rugby I’ve not always preformed training correctly (weights) and I’ve learnt the hard way forcing me to finish playing rugby early through injury.  I have learnt from these mistakes and want to ensure my athletes do not follow in my footsteps.  I want to keep all my athletes safe and have them enjoy the benefits of athletics for many years to come.

SPORTING ACHIEVEMENTS: Hickleton summer fete rodeo bull champion 2009.

MY INTERESTS: Fishing – Football (EVERTON) Walking & Camping with family and friends.




Favourite Music: U2 & OASIS              Favourite Movie: Home alone 1-3

Favourite Food & Drink: Curry & caffreys

Worst job: None having been postman since I left school.

Favourite Athletes: Steve cram & Kelly Holmes

Favourite Quote: NO LIKEY NO LIGHTY

Contact Details: or on Facebook (Adrian ward)

MOB: 07944246759