AGM Minutes 26 March 2013



26th March 2013

Held at the Keepmoat Stadium


Paul and Karen Williams, Jenny Silcox, Brandon Silcox, Kallum Silcox, Les Grant, Barry Barnes, Kev Lincoln, Christine Baxter, Dan Winmill, Beth Head, Bev Head, Mark Hudson, Terry Bailey, Ian Whittiker, Jo Howe, Lauren Howe, Sarah Murten, Eric Whitehead, Margaret Whitehead, Matthew Whitehead, Dave Lilley, Jake Phillips, Dean Watson, Elliott Tonge, Michael Barfield, Jess Royle, Martin James, Terry Winmill, G D Boutell, Paul Ashcroft, Diane Howe, Alice Howe, Dawn Fletcher, Eddie Fletcher, Steve Harrison, Michael Wakefield, John Blackshaw, Judy Revitt, Martin Gedfrey, Jon Gedfrey, Martin Boyd, David Andrews, Harry Tonge, Andrea Page Mick Page



Dave Grayson, Yvonne Barnes


Introduction by the chair, KL, Who gave a brief resume of the club and the developments related to the facility at the Keepmoat venue

Minutes of the last meeting

These were confirmed as a true record              Proposed TB Seconded MJ


Review of the past 12 months was given by KL, including the transfer of the lease to DAC. An invite was given to any member who wished too to attend the Directors meetings, venue, days and times were given


Treasurers review

An overview of the club finances, including major expenditure, was given by MH


Club house

Update given by KL, who invited those present to review the images provided


Proposed changes to membership definitions were discussed and agreed

  • That we establish a clear definition of an Adult Social Member P-TB, S-LG
  • That we establish a clear definition of a Full Competing Member P-TB, S-JR
  • Breach of club rules (P-MJ, S-LG)
  • Club Athlete Development Fund finance  (P-DW, S-DF)
  •  Club Development Fund, management of finance (P-DW, S-EW)


Election of Directors

Kev Lincoln       Proposed (Terry Bailey, Seconded John Blackshaw) Carried

Steve Harrison    Proposed (Terry Bailey, Seconded Terry Winmill) Carried


Company Treasurer was confirmed as Mark Hudson, supported by Paul Ashcroft


Directors Strategic responsabilities were explained and the board of Directors were approved


Club Officers

Officers were confirmed with the following changes being approved

  • Publicity, Sponsorship and Marketing. Dan Winmill and Dave Lilley
  • Road Club Captains. Suggested Martin James and Jayne Baldwin
  • Track and Field Captains. Dan Winmill, AN Other
  • Child Protection Officers. Les Grant, Kev Lincoln, Julie Chappell
  • Lottery Co-ordinator. Dave Lilley
  • Fund-raising Co-ordinator. Dave Lilley
  • Club Welfare Officers. Les Grant, Julie Chappell
  • T&F League Managers

Youth Development League

Upper Age Group. Terry Winmill, Elaine Scott, Sharon Langton

Lower Age Group. Lisa Wilson, John Musset, Alison McGrath


Life Membership Awards

Bertie Houghton, Kev Lincoln, Matthew Whitehead


No other business