Athletics 365

Introduction to Athletics 365 

Athletics 365 is a structured programme designed to enable young athletes to make progress in all areas of athletics.

The stages (Red, Yellow, etc) can be seen as a similar progression to other sports such as the martial arts ‘belt system’.

Due to the structured progression, it is important that young athletes attend regularly and make a commitment to the programme.

Pathway to the Athletics 365 programme

Initially a member of the U11’s coaching team will approach a 365 coach about the young athlete he/she believes is suitable for the 365 programme. Following this the athlete will be invited to join the programme, possibly for a trial period.

Criteria for inclusion on the Athletics 365 programme

for athletes to be considered he/she should be

  • willing/able to attend both weekly sessions (Tuesday and Thursday 6:00pm – 7:30pm)
  • willing to compete for the club to some degree.

If at any point, the 365 coach or the athlete themself believe that the programme is not suitable for the individual, arrangements will be made for the athlete to return to their previous group.

If there are any enquiries regarding the Athletics 365 programme, then please talk to Martin Godfrey or Martin Boyd.