Caroline Wheelhouse Runs Fastest UK F60 10 Mile Time of all Time

On 25 November Caroline Wheelhouse broke the 9 year old record by 37 seconds, finishing with a time of 67:24.  Congratulations on an amazing run!

“Records are there to be broken, but if this one lasts only one week it has meant the perfect end to a season that started so badly!

After the bruises had faded from my London Marathon I had to start again to rebuild my season, which was a slow and patient process, but gradually things came together over the summer and culminated in the chance to run in an England XC vest.

Whilst running the TCS Amsterdam Half in October my average pace meant that I had also run the UK all-time fastest F60 10 miles, so I decided to see if I could do it again in a 10 mile race! The Derby 10 is a good fast course – although I was a bit surprised when we turned a corner and found a long section of grass – and the weather was very cold, but okay.

Although I think my XCs had taken away a bit of sharpness I felt strong and when the clock came in sight I was elated to think that I’d achieved something so good through summer’s hard work. And next year I’ll try to go faster!”