London Marathon 2021 Club Places

This information is assumed to be correct. The race is on 3 October 2021. The club can apply for its places from March 2021, no details are known yet as to how many places we might get.

To enter the ballot:

  • The member needs a rejection slip from the ballot entry – letter or email (most people got these around 8 February 2021).
  • If you got a London place last year from DAC’s allocated places you should not be eligible to get one of the clubs allocated places for the next year (Sam Prowse, Martyn Walters + Others (names elude me atm)
  • You must be a first claim member at the time of entering the public ballot and be fully paid up with a UKA license (so you must have renewed your membership in 2021)
  • The member has to arrange payment for the place
  • You must run in a Doncaster AC vest
  • The member needs to have completed a half marathon, or race of greater distance during 2018 / 2020 / 2021 before the club ballot is drawn. Given the issues of lack of races this year then a strava link to a training run, which is run without stopping will be acceptable, however, if races restart and athletes have ample time to race a half marathon before the ballot then this should be done.

Email a copy / photo of your rejection slip to Martin James, also include confirmation you have paid your membership (including UKA membership in 2021) and provide evidenance of the half marathon requirement.

2020 DAC Award Winners

Awards Night – 2020

Saturday Junior Club Under 8s Awards:

Mia Kelly / Taylah Sales / Charlotte Moore.

George Wood/ Oscar McGuinness/ Archie Carey

Under 11s Awards:

Liam Richardson/Angus Jones/Ben Seymour

Asher Seymour/ Imogen Horsman/ Freya Barras.

Disability Awards.

Male: William Baxter

Female: Leaha Dixon

Youth Development League (Lower) Awards:

Attended 3 matches:

Tayen Perkins/Connie Boyd/Phoebe Cooper/Amy Dalowski (u13 girls)

Annalise Cowling/Sophie James/Millie Purchase/ Tilly Boyd (u15 girls)

Archie Cole/Daniel Reeve/Nathan Kadejo (u13 boys)

Kole Marsden/Ben Liversedge (u15 boys).

Attended 4 matches:

Ellie Barnes/ Lilly Aucker (u13 girls)

Callie Coates/Lexi Proudley/Trinity Dooley-Williams/Amy Cotton (u15 girls)

Josh Boyer/Adam Jones/Ethan Baker/Hugo Cullen/Scott Jackson (u13 boys)

Josh Copeman/Alex Hodkinson (u15 boys).

Youth Development League (Upper) Awards:

Attended 2 matches:

Niamh Latibeudier (U17w)

Lisa Fouweather (U20w)

Adam Allan/ Eddie Cassidy/ Henry Cullen/ Nathan Mitchell-Greenwood/ George Rowland/ Joe Warren (U17m)

Sam Botterill/ Nathan Langley Maximum events both matches/ Regan Langley/ Joe Phillips.

Attended 3 matches:

Aaliyah Cawley/Eleanor Kealey Maximum 4 events/ Tiegan Patterson/ Maia Wilkinson Maximum 4 events. (u20w)

Charlotte Mills/ Rosie Eves (U20w)

Joe Clemitshaw Maximum events/ Kieran Lambert/ Alex Moseley/ Jordan Poulston. (U17m)

Phillip Clarke (u20m)

Northern League

Attended 3 matches:

Nathan Greenwood- Mitchell/ Alex Mosely/ James Osbourne/ Martin James/ Kevin Mira/ Henry Cullen.

Rosie Eves/Maia Wilkinson/ Sharron Wood/ Rose James.

Attended 4 matches:

Nathan Langley/ Peter Badger/ Joe Phillips/Regan langley/ Rhys Jackson/Adam Allam.

Lisa Fouweather.

SY Cross Country Awards

Under 11s.

Francesca Freeman/ Isabella Huck/ Molly Cockett/ Aimee Smith.

Joe Wooliuiscroft/Alex Felczerek/ Buddy Wheeler.

Special Award for total commitment Aimee Smith.

Under 13s.

Adam Jones.

Elise Hutchinson/ Lilly Aucker/ Aalisa Watson.

Under 15s.

Jessica Rowland/ Callie Coates/ Millie Purchase/Sophie James. Georgia Guttridge.

Under 17s.

George Rowland/ Henry Cullen/ Alex Moseley/ Connor James.

Under 20s.

Andrew Teasdale

Female Vet 35.

Rose James/ Justyna Felczerek

Male vet 40.

Peter Badger/ Mariuz Felczerek/ Martin James

Female vet 45.

Tracy Land/ Claire Mcleod

Male vet 50.

Simon Wright/ Simon Parkin/ Nick Newman

Female vet 55.

Susan Forbes.

Male vet 60.

Kevin Newman/ Pete Oliver/ Pete Wade.

Inter Counties Track and Field Championships

Joshua Copeman/ Scott Jackson/ Josh Boyer/ Callie Coates/ Phoebe Cooper, Ellie Barnes.

Club endurance awards for demonstrating commitment to training and competition:

Millie Purchase and Joe Warren

Endurance Club Championships

Mens Awards.

Henry Cullen/ Connor Anderson/ Jack Pell

Andrew Teasdale/ George Phillips/ Joe Phillips

Adam Cotterill/ James Osborne/ Michael Reynolds

Peter Badger/ Martin James/ Mariusz Felczereck

Mervyn Christison/ George Laing/ Nick Newman

Pete Wade/ Malcolm Leggett/ Peter Oliver

Phil Bussey/ Bill Topping

Ladies Awards:

Rebecca Coates/ Lucy Crayston.

Shaz Wood/ Justyna Felczerek/ Kirsty Laing.

Marie Louise Taylor/Rose james/ Natalie Heptinstall.

Dawn Goodings/ Jane Purchase/ Janet Powell.

Julie Cull/ Margaret Butler/ Caroline Wheelhouse

Rosemary Armstrong/ Sue Greaves

Club Captains Awards.

Susan Beeby – Excellent work in managing beginners group.

Becky HB – Organising away runs to Ireland and Benidorm

Chris Cull – Taking thousands of photographs at races attended by our members.

Martin James

John Mchale Awards:

George Laing/ Claire Sayles

Club Ultra Running Awards:

Ultra Performance of the Year: Simon Jennings/ Mariusz Felczerek/ Peter Vickers.

Ultra Runner of The Year: Becky HB

Goat Award: Simon Jennings

Pacers of The Year Awards

Chris Cull – as a non runner lifting the spirits of runners in all weather.

Julie Cull – a valuable LIRF always encouraging others.

Sandra Meakin – An amazing club runner who has progressed from Beginners to Half Marathon within 9 months.

Sarah Smith – A professional caring LIRF supportive of others.

Susan Beeby – made new members so welcome, awesome extremely supportive.

Martin Walters – Big heart of gold, huge source of help and inspiration.

Claire Beegan – Never leaves anyone out, makes new members extremely welcome.

Angie Stanley – Taking over interval training and encourage others when the going gets tough.

Elaine Green – an inspiration with her grit and determination and a great ambassador for Pacers and DAC.

Claire Sayles – progress in 2019 has been phenomenal and her achievements simply awesome.

Lynn Olsen –  a total inspiration, never gives up and has an infectious positive attitude.

Glynn Jones – a fabulous lirf supporting everyone aiming to meet the needs of all around him.

Club Awards Night Update

The Club Awards Night originally scheduled for March 2020 and subsequently arranged for 15th May 2021, is cancelled for this year, due to the pandemic. The Catering Company has agreed to refund all ticket money, which should be in the club account by the end of the week.

You can if you wish, to support the club finances, leave your payment in the club account.

Anyone who received a nomination letter would have received an award, these will be available for collection, from the cabin, once we resume, hopefully soon.

Please complete the following form if yiu are seeking a refund.

Thank you

Club Directors.

3rd February 2021

Doncaster Athletics Saturday Junior Club

Our Saturday Junior Club for children aged between 5yrs and 8yrs opens for 2021 on Saturday 9th January 9.30am to 10.30am, at our athletics track at the Keepmoat Stadium. We offer a friendly family experience for all children with the session designed to enhance fitness and light introduction to run jump and throw activities, under the supervision of our coaching team. The sessions take place every Saturday, including school holidays (in normal times these sessions would be indoors during the winter period).

Parents are welcome to stay to observe from our seated stand or leave the children in our care, in a strict safeguarding environment.

The annual fee for new members is £100 and £90 for renewal, due in January. New members also receive a free high quality t shirt.

We have a wide range of club gear in our on site cabin including, hoodies, vests, crop tops, leggings and rain jackets. Payments can be made by cash, cheque or card. Parents are also welcome to purchase hot and cold drinks and snacks from our on site tuck shop.

We currently operate a strict track and trace booking system with all sessions, for further information call Kev on m.07739312835.


Today the new Tier system was announced, South Yorkshire remains in Tier 3 for the time being, which means the club can open as planned on Tuesday 5th January 2021 and Thursday 7th January, which also includes the Saturday Club on the 9th January. Mike Cooke and Les Grant, should they wish to do so may travel from Nottinghamshire and York areas respectively. To complete voluntary work, should they wish to do so.

Our track and trace system remains in place so members must book by email with their coaches or at this link

Could I also remind everyone that membership renewal payments are due from 1st January 2021, these can be paid on line via the website, from 1st January or at the office by cash, card or cheque. There are discounts for families involving at least 3 family members.


If the Club moves to Tier 4 in the coming weeks then based upon current England Athletic Guidelines we can only train members who are under 18, Anyone 18 or over must train in isolation or with their household bubble. This would include attending the club at members convenience using the key provided to get in. THIS WILL ONLY APPLY IN 2021 IF MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL PAYMENTS HAVE BEEN PAID.

Difficult times lay ahead so please keep to the rules and stay safe.


Club Chairman

30th December 2020.

2021 Endurance Club Championships

The 2021 Club Championships

Anyone who knows me and the club will understand this is a fun inclusive competition which all members are encouraged to take part in. All abilities are respected and you can walk or run these challenges. Whatever you do please take part and join in the fun. I admire those who find running more difficult and still have a go at these competitions than perhaps those who take more naturally to running, but at the same time I think its fantastic we can support and be pleased to see the club’s runners of all abilities getting some amazing times. A 15 minute mile to a 5 minute mile, its all good and to be celebrated.

2 Events each month which will start on the first day of the month and end on the last day of the month. You can run both events or run 1 of them. If you run both events then we will take your highest scoring event of the 2 to allocate your points for that month, the points from the other event will be discarded.

Unless stated otherwise the runs should start and finish close together (within 5% of the distance, so if its 5km you should finish within 250m of the start point). This is to remove performance advantages gained from the wind and downhill runs.

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