Adie Ward Profile

Name: Adie Ward                                                    Grade: Athlete Coach or level 2

Specialist Disciplines:  Sprints-Endurance-Hurdles- All Jumps and Throws

Age Groups:  10 to 65

Training Days: Tuesday & Thursday    1815 to 1945

Monday & Saturday are invitation only sessions

Years coaching:  Two

Sporting Background:

It all started at the age of six and I think I’ve just about tried most sports from Tae-kwon-do, football, swimming, cricket, rugby and Cross country running etc. At the age of thirteen I became black belt in Tae-kwon- do.  Rugby League was the sport that captured my heart and for twelve years playing at local and district level, whilst playing for Doncaster Toll bar the fitness trainer was an athletics coach teaching us the fundamentals of athletics we also used the local track facilities for speed work.  Throughout my time in Rugby I’ve not always preformed training correctly (weights) and I’ve learnt the hard way forcing me to finish playing rugby early through injury.  I have learnt from these mistakes and want to ensure my athletes do not follow in my footsteps.  I want to keep all my athletes safe and have them enjoy the benefits of athletics for many years to come.

SPORTING ACHIEVEMENTS: Hickleton summer fete rodeo bull champion 2009.

MY INTERESTS: Fishing – Football (EVERTON) Walking & Camping with family and friends.




Favourite Music: U2 & OASIS              Favourite Movie: Home alone 1-3

Favourite Food & Drink: Curry & caffreys

Worst job: None having been postman since I left school.

Favourite Athletes: Steve cram & Kelly Holmes

Favourite Quote: NO LIKEY NO LIGHTY

Contact Details: or on Facebook (Adrian ward)

MOB: 07944246759

Les Grant Profile

Name: Les Grant

Grade: Athletics Coach (NCDP – Youth Development)

Specialist Disciplines: Hurdles, 300/400m, Endurance, H Jump, Disability   Age Groups: Under 13 – Senior

Training Days: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sat 

Years coaching: 6 years

Coaching Background: I started coaching Endurance alongside Paul Brown. I was a Level 2 Group Event Coach on the old coaching structure and then took the Athletic Coach qualification on the new coaching structure which allows me to coach the following events. Sprints, Hurdles, HJ, LJ, Jav, Shot, Endurance, Steeplechase, TJ and Pole Vault. I am now on the National Coach Development Programme for Youth Development.

As well as working with other coaches within the club, I am also mentored by Brian Scobie (Endurance), Keith Daniels (Sprints), and John Barron (Hurdles)

Athlete Background:

I was first coached by Arthur Oxley and then moved to Brian Davey who coached me over 400m and 400m Hurdles. With Brian’s coaching I qualified for the 400mH in the English Schools Finals breaking the SY Schools record which had been held by Ex Olympic Athlete Steve Sole for 10 years. I continued running at University getting a bronze medal in the University Games. Unfortunately in 1989 I contracted TB which stopped my running for many years. However when I reached 40 I decided to give it a second go and I now compete as a Masters Athlete at multiple events including 400m Hurdles managing to win Gold in both the Yorkshire and Nrn Vets Championships and coming 3rd in the British Masters Championships.


Favourite Music: Katy Perry, Evanescence

Favourite Movie: Top Gun

Favourite Food: Rice

Worst Job: Still to find it.

Favourite Athlete: Daley Thompson, Yelena Isinbaeva

Favourite Quote: There are no limits to what you can achieve

Contact Details:

07717 325311

Twitter: LesSGrant

Mike Cooke Profile

Mike Cooke

Name:           Mike Cooke

Grade:        Level 4 / Specialist Performance Coach

Specialist Disciplines Undertaken: 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m, 800m / 1500m, Steeplechase, Sprint Hurdles, 300/400m Hurdles, Long Jump, High Jump, Triple Jump, Shot, Discus, Javelin, Combined Events and Relays.

Age Groups: Development juniors to Elite Athletes

Training Days: To suit most athletes throughout the week, using a variety of training venues.  Track Training generally on a Tues and Thurs from 6pm – 8pm.

Years coaching: 25 years, with numerous years experience working with young athletes from development to Elite Performers.

Coaching Qualifications and Background:

Qualified Level 4 Sprint Hurdles Coach,

Qualified Level 4 100/200m Sprints and Relays

Qualified Level 3 800/1500m Coach

Qualified Level 3 Long/Triple Jump Coach

Qualified Level 2 Throws Coach

Piloting the new Event Coach Qualifications for Sprints and Hurdles.

Passed the Senior Coach Award in Hurdles (Sprints / Long Hurdles) way back in 1993

Attended both the British Athletics International Course and Junior Development Summer Schools, at Loughborough University. Attended a number of Masterclass sessions in a variety of events.

Lead Coach at the Northwood UK hurdles Academy for 100m Hurdles Senior / Junior Women.

I was the Head and Lead Coach for Spar Sprints East Midlands and the Head Coach for Active Sports Nottinghamshire and the Nottinghamshire Active Sports Coach for Jumps.

Currently an Associate member of the National Coach Development Programme for Speed, with numerous coaches contacts and leads to support athletes of all disciplines.

Awards achieved

2004 – The Strategic Leader of the Year Award – England Athletics East Midlands.

2004 – The Bassetlaw Coach of the Year Award

2005 – The Bassetlaw Achievement through Adversity Award.

Famous Athlete help start Stephie Pywell on her athletics career way back in the Nineties as a multi eventer at Retford Athletics Club; she went on to major International achievements competing in the High Jump for GB.  Advised Jonathan Heggie winner of the English Schools Intermediate Boys 400m Hurdles and Jackie Cooke went onto set Championship bests for U20 women for 2 consecutive years for the Heptathlon at the Midland Area Championships.  Coached numerous young athletes that have gone onto represented their county, area, English Schools and some even went onto represented GB, England and Wales.


Doncaster AC training and coaching for most athletic events is at the Keepmoat Stadium. The Doncaster AC facility is an excellent base for training all events. Many of the young athletes coached have achieved a high Power of 10 UK athletics ranking.

Places are now available with the groups training team for all age groups, for an informal discussion about training and coaching please contact the number below.

Athlete Background:

School Athlete in Long Jump and Hurdles, no local clubs in the town, took up Angling as a Hobby and still into Match Angling when time permits.

Favourite Music: Motown

Favourite Movie: Weekend at Bernie’s II (can’t stop laughing)

Favourite Food: Curry’s (hotter the better)

Worst Job: Cleaning out blocked drains (can’t stand the smell)

Favourite Athletes: Usain Bolt / Colin Jackson (Bolt for sprints and Jackson for hurdles)

Contact Details: for an open discussion about training / coaching please call Mike on Mobile 07890452790 or have a chat at the club on any training night.

Barry Barnes Profile

Name: Barry Barnes

Grade: Level 3

Specialist Disciplines: Middle Distance/Endurance/Sprints

Age Groups: Under 15 and older

Training Days: Tuesday, Thursday and occasional Saturday/ Sunday

Years coaching: 22 years

Coaching Background:

Started by coaching boxing when my career ended, then moved to football when my youngest son started playing (mid 1970’s). Qualified as a football coach under Mick Wadsworth (former England assistant coach to Bobby Robson) and moved to athletics coaching during the mid 1980’s at Stainforth Athletic Club. Worked up to Level 3 status in Middle Distance, Sprints and Hurdles before suspending my activities due to career priorities. Resumed coaching after the move to the Keepmoat Stadium and have looked to develop my skills, knowledge and experience at every opportunity. I am on the Coach Development programme and meet regularly with Brian Scobie (my mentor on the programme, a National Coach who has coached Olympic and World class athletes). At every opportunity I attend meetings and seminars and look to involve the athletes I work with in regional and national activities and events that will contribute to their development, including attendance at elite athlete workshops.

I am the club representative on the South Yorkshire Coach Development Group I work tirelessly for the benefit of the athletes I work with and share in the success that they achieve. I strive to involve them in the decisions that impact on their athletics career and I seek opportunities to ensure the quality of care they recieve is of the highest standard, nutrition, injury management, psychological and physical. I believe that skill and technique development, in the young athletes I work with, is a priority and I place the emphasis on this in my coaching sessions

Future coaching plans for me, are to continue with my development and to build on my knowledge and understanding in the area of Sport Psychology. To this end, I am working closely with my mentor and other athletic representatives to ensure this area of athlete development becomes a focus for coach training.

Athlete Background:

Was an ‘open class’ boxer up to my late teens and in my mid to late 20’s played football at a semi-professional level, although I didn’t get paid.

Became interest in running having completed the first London Marathon (3 35) and joined Stainforth Athletic Club as a result. Never a top class athlete I still represented the club at various events and enjoyed the -camaraderie’ the built among the senior members. I think my main achievement was completing the London Marathon in 2-56 in 1989 and that same year I came in the top 300 in the City to Surf in Sydney, Australia. Whilst there I also ‘represented’ Great Britain in the Australian Cross Country Championships (it’s a story to tell) and competed against the great Steve Moneggheti (twice London Marathon winner and Olympic silver medallist)

Whilst at Stainforth AC I was the club secretary and took the club through the amalgamation with Doncaster Plant Works AC. I was instrumental in the development of the facilities at the Keepmoat Stadium (another story to tell) and I am both the company secretary as well as the club secretary. Although not an athlete of much status (I achieved that during my boxing career) I feel I have a great deal to offer to those I coach and I ensure a caring and supportive environment is provided, where success has many facets.

Favourite Music: Varied

Favourite Movie: Prefer theatre

Favourite Food: Traditional English

Worst Job:

Favourite Athlete: Steve Monagghetti

Favourite Quote: ‘If you can dream it you can do it’ (Michael Flynne)

Contact Details:

9 Brosley Avenue , Barnby Dun, Doncaster, DN3 1AH

01302 884195