Club Annual general Meeting – 26 March 2013

The Annual General Meeting is an opportunity for members to hear about how the Club is run, to ask questions and meet The Board of Directors.

The meeting will take place in the Players Lounge at The Keepmoat Stadium on the evening of Tuesday 26th March, starting at 6pm.

This year we are trying something a little bit different from previous years as follows:

6pm to 7pm Part 1: – A general information session for new members and parents to hear about how the Club is run and how you can get involved in Club life if you wish to do so. Under 11 members will still be able to train during this time. Licensed bar also available.

7pm to 7.15pm – Break

7.15pm  – Buffet consisting of mixed sandwiches with savoury wedges and dips.

7.30pm Part 2: – Formal part of the meeting comprising of financial information, voting in Club Officials and Club rule changes etc. If you wish to have an agenda item included or propose a rule change you must give details in writing to The Company Secretary, Barry Barnes, at least 21 days prior to the meeting.

Kev lincoln and Steve Harrison, have completed 3 years as members of the Board of Directors. Under Company rules they must now stand for re-election. Members are now informed that if you wish to nominate anyone for membership of the Board, you must do so in writing, to the Comopany secretary Barry Barnes, no later than 14 days prior to the AGM. Otherwise Kev and Steve will be re-elected

9pm, close.

Proposed Rule Changes to DAC for AGM on 26th March