Club event at doncaster parkrun – 19 July

Doncaster parkrun have sent us a message, if you come on Saturday 19 July please run in your DAC vest. If you have not done it yet please come and give it a try, its free and your times go to Power of 10. Click here and register.  111 Doncaster AC athletes have done it so far!

“Just wanted to let you know about next Saturdays run.

Were planning to hold a club event. So far this year we have had runners from 71 different running clubs complete the runs. These clubs have been represented by around 250 runners, that’s about a quarter of the runners so far.

Many experienced club runners use parkrun as a core part of their training and we know lots of you use parkrunning as a first step on the ladder of putting more structure around your fun running and fitness programme. Why ever you parkrun is good with us, that’s the beauty of parkrunning, it’s not just for athletes, it’s not a race, we don’t mind if you run just on parkrunday (aka Saturday) or everyday, fast or not quite so fast, with a dog or a buggy, it’s all running and it’s all good.

However we do know some of you would like to take your running a step further, get more support in progressing your running and have more opportunity to run with other runners but don’t quite know how.

The majority of our club runners are from local clubs, many of you may not even be aware of what clubs there are in and around Doncaster or what they can offer to beginners, novice or experienced runners. If you look at the results list you can see a full list of all the clubs and for most of them there’s a direct link to their own websites. As you can see the local clubs are well represented some with large numbers of runners others with only a few but regular runners.

Some of these are commercial clubs, others are run by volunteers and they all offer something different for the whole range of runners out there. It can feel daunting going along to a club if you don’t know anyone, and I certainly never believed I could join as I believed I was too slow and didn’t run far enough – surely all club runners are budding Mo Farahs or Paula Radcliffes. so at the parkrun seems an ideal opportunity to make the first step.

Normally at parkrun the majority of club runners are incognito so on parkrunday 19th July we would like all the club runners to come along in their club kit and spend a few minutes just saying hi to the other runners. There will also be an opportunity at the finish line to have a chat with some of their run leaders and coaches so a great chance to find out a bit more about what they have to offer.

You might be surprised to see not only how many there are but also how they are spread across the whole field, they aren’t all front runners or elite athletes, the majority are just like you and me and love to run. Don’t worry though this isn’t about hard sell, there will be no pressure, these clubs are all very well attended and lively running communities already but they do like to share their love of running.

Even if you don’t want to join a running club you will always find that on any parkrunday they will always been more than willing to share training advice with you. Happy Parkrunning”