Cross Country Championships 2016

We have some exciting competitions in the new year, the Yorkshire / Humberside, Northern and National Cross Country Championships.  As a club our support of these events has been growing over recent years and they are all within 90 minutes of Doncaster.

I need you to come forward and let me know if you want to enter these events!

Please give me an envelope with Martin James written on it and the events you want me to enter you in, please provide on the envelope your full name, dob, age group for cross country, phone number, address, UKA number (and ensure this is paid up).  Please provide £5 for each event.  On completion of the events I will provide a list to the club who competed and the money will be refunded on request.

I have not found much information as yet about the events and I don’t know the closing dates.

Humberside – 10 January 2015

Entries to be posted 17 December 2015.  Event details here.

Yorkshire – 9 January 2016 10:30 to 15:30 – Lightwater Valley

Entries to be posted on Friday 4 December 2015Event Details here.

Northern – 30 January 2016 – Witton Park, Blackburn

Entries to be made 31 December 2015, information here

National – 27 February 2016 – Donington

Entries to be made 31 December 2015, information here