DAC Coaching Structure

Doncaster A.C. Coach Structure – revised January 2012.

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Elite/Senior Groups (By invitation only)

All events Speed/Hurdles Endurance/Middle Distance Combined Events Disability
Mike Cooke John Blackshaw Barry Barnes / Dave Blackburn Bruce Bewley Diana Stanger
Dave Andrew Judith Revitt Les Grant Adie Ward Les Grant
Jacki Cawthorn Terry Windmill Andy Siddle Tammy Watkin-Drury
Chloe Bradley Mike Toope Sam Theyer
Les Grant (400mH) Becky Holdsworth


Speed.John Blackshaw

Mike Cooke

Sam Theyer

Les Grant


Becky Holdsworth

Endurance.Barry Barnes

Dave Blackburn

Mike Cooke

Les Grant


Jumps.Bruce Bewley(H)

John Blackshaw(L)

Les Grant (H)

Eric Whitehead(L)

M. Cooke (all)

Dave Long (L & TJ)


Throws.Dave Long (Jav)

Bernard Minnikin

(shot, discuss, hammer)

Mike Cooke

Maurice Strawbridge

Pole Vault.Steve Harrison

Coaching Groups

Under 11sGroup 1 – Pete Lowe

Group 2 – Dominic Maddison (365 programme)

Group 3 – Eric Whitehead (non competing)


Supporting coaches:

Dawn Brown

Julie Harlington

Martin Godfrey

Martin Boyd

Dan Winmill

Ash Langton


Under 13s and Under 15sKen Clayton

Paul Stothard

Adie Ward (Endurance, Multi)

Les Grant (Sprints and Jumps)

Maurice Strawbridge (Throws)

Assessment GroupPaul Brown – Speed

Adie Ward – Endurance and 365 programme

Maurice Strawbridge – Jumps

Dominic Maddison – 365 programme


National Coach Development Programme (N.C.D.P.)

Mike Cooke – Sprints

Bruce Bewley – Combined Events

Les Grant – Youth Development & Athletics 365


Road running speed and technical development – Dave Tune.